Website Development Firm

Website Development Firm

What is it that makes a website development firm such a better choice for your business than a simple web design company? While a good website design company creates a website for you, a full-service website development firm like Lounge Lizard provides a full spectrum of services to clients that place you in a position for greater success in the increasingly competitive online world.

Our award-winning website development firm works very hard to provide each and every client with exactly what they want and need; their success is our success.

We are well positioned with offices on both coasts and an experienced staff with some of the best designers and web programmer sin the industry ready to help take your ideas and turn them into reality. With over a decade in the business, we have seen a lot and have stayed on the cutting edge of technology and trends to ensure we are always recognized and innovators and creators rather than people who copy ideas and follow the herd.

At Lounge Lizard everything starts with a great design. As an award-winning website development firm, we understand that you have less than five seconds to capture a visitor’s attention in one way or another. If you cannot grab their interest and make them want to stay then your site simply isn’t maximizing its potential. At Lounge Lizard we help deliver a clear message and use strong calls to action combined with a fantastic design and intuitive, easy to use interface that makes site navigation easy for users.

Our experience in the industry has taught us that it takes a combination of artistic ability and programming knowledge along with a good plan to create a high quality product that is functional but also visually appealing. We start our process with getting to know the client and working on goal assessment. This leads to organizing ideas and objectives along with understanding who you are as a company and where you want to eventually be. While some people might think that a website is simply about artistry, as a great website development firm we understand that there is also a lot of science and psychology as well. Understanding proper placement based on visual patterns, using good aesthetics or even the psychological effects of the color palette are all taken into account by our expert staff as we help you meet your goals, increase your reach and boost the conversion rate of your website.

Obviously web design is only one part of the way a company should utilize the internet for their business. Lounge Lizard can also help with Social Media Marketing along with Search Engine Marketing and making sure your site is Search Engine Optimized. The internet landscape shifts and changes regularly and our goal is to put each client in a position to capitalize and take advantage of those shifts rather than being left behind. That means learning how to integrate Twitter or Facebook to increase your search engine rankings or making it easier for clients to share socially.

In addition to services you would expect from one of the top web development firms in the county, we also offer a wide range of behind-the-scene services such as branding workshops, content management systems, intricate databases, customized e-commerce solutions and more. Here at Lounge Lizard we aren’t simply limited to creating web designs; we utilize the experience and imagination of our very talented staff to help your company flourish, no matter how big or small your organization is. Give us a call and let us help elevate you above the competition.