Website Designers

Website Designers

What does it take to be one of the top website designers in the business? It takes a lot of hard work, dedication to the craft of design, experience, great customer service and ingenuity. Here at Lounge Lizard we have all of those qualities and that is what helps make us one of the best website designers around.

Lounge Lizard is an award-winning website designer. We have been recognized for our quality along with breath-taking style that has elevated numerous companies from bland to grand. Operating out of offices in New York and California, we have a proven track record of providing customers with the applications they need and web pages that help their businesses excel. One of our secrets of being one of the top website designers in the country has to do with creating a great user interface. While that term has become more of a buzz word recently, it is something we have focused on over the last decade that we have been in business.

Visual presentations that are a delight to look at are just part of the equation with our designs; functionality and ease of use is the other main component. It is key to have a site that people are eager to use because they get what they want easily. Today’s world is very internet savvy and people want and expect more when they are online. Our goal is to help make sure that you meet and exceed their expectations when they visit your site.

So what goes into a great site? As we said before, a good user interface is one aspect because it combines the visual artistry with functionality and accessibility that makes people want to use your site. Having a responsive website is another key that website designers everywhere agree on. As the world shifts to devices such as tablets, gaming consoles and smart phones, your site needs to shift with them if you expect the maximum conversion of customers possible. Then there are little things like a solid infra-structure, handling of information such as databases, content management systems to ensure you can easily update and refresh your own content, customized apps, custom shopping cart options, background search engine optimization and more.

With our skilled designers and full-time staff of experts we have the people in place to help make your online presence successful while being visually stunning. Lounge Lizard is a website design firm that specializes in bringing our clients’ businesses to life. One of our philosophies is that if you can imagine it, we can create it. Our multi-phase process includes workshops to help with branding and identity, discovering how you are perceived online, providing ideas and concepts, and then creating a plan that meets the needs and expectation of your business to better position you for success.

Lounge Lizard has earned its’ reputation in the industry with our stylish, award-winning designs commitment to customers, sophisticated application development and skilled team of hard-working professionals. With over a decade of experience behind us and satisfied clients in numerous industries all across the country, we are confident we can help position you for success.