Website Design Firm Connecticut

A Web Design Company That Understands Connecticut

When people look for a website design firm near Connecticut, they often settle on paying the high rates for standard work in New York City. However, as a website design firm on Long Island, we’re only a short ferry ride away from the shores of Connecticut, providing businesses in Connecticut notable value and convenience as a high-end website design firm.

Lounge Lizard is loyal to Connecticut, and can fulfill any request with an exceptional source of skill, talented staff, and creativity.  Serving Connecticut, our website design firm offers limitless sources of information architecture, web marketing campaigns, amazing web designs, and great custom web development. This partner of Connecticut, and award-winning website design firm, will create and develop your website to be stunning in appearance with a powerful backbone of e-commerce solutions and/or content management systems.

Our website design firm creates sophisticated custom websites with great web designs and excellent application development. As a professional website design firm, we provide services like information architecture and content management systems, as well as Flash and Java animation and e-commerce solutions. Our web application development skills can handle anything your Connecticut company may need, and our website designers can come up with the absolute best web design for your organization.

Our close-by website design firm can give your Connecticut organization an opportunity to undergo a selection of many branding and discovery workshops. This partner website design firm works side-by-side with their Connecticut clients to discover the true entity of their company; Lounge Lizard then make it their mission to carry out this entity onto the web. The strengths in the clients’ field are brought to surface, and together we uncover their various opportunities in today’s market. Connecticut clients discover how they are perceived by their audience on both and large and local CT spectrum. If our clients’ business comes across with any threats, our website design firm works to find solutions to overcome them. Lounge Lizard is then able to transform their client from a Connecticut organization with an idea, to a powerful corporate identity, one that is ready to approach target customers with strength, and conquer their target market.

Over the years, Lounge Lizard has become a top choice of website design firms for Connecticut businesses. Strategic information architecture is our specialty, as well as SEO and SEM tools that can help your business come to life on the web. Mobile application development has also become essential for our clients in Connecticut and worldwide. Smart Mobile devices like the iPhone and the iPad are where we often put our clients, so they can be accessed by their consumer easily and comfortably.  Today Connecticut businesses have often extended their business to the internet, so it is crucial to have a well-implemented e-commerce infrastructure that best suits these businesses’ specific needs. Also, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become crucial for a CT company’s exposure and height among competitors in today’s competitive market in the Tri-state area. Lounge Lizard’s website design firm makes it a top priority to gain the exposure that our Connecticut clients need to efficiently prosper in their target market.

Lounge Lizard, friend and partner of Connecticut, not only keeps the standard for marketing elevated, but believes it to be limitless. Lounge Lizard is proud have partnered with prominent organizations in Connecticut to provide them with custom web development and imaginative web design for over ten years. We look forward to providing outstanding website design services as Connecticut’s premier web design company for many, many more years to come.

Having been in business for over ten years, our website design firm is skilled in identifying the needs of our clients, in Connecticut and all over the USA, and can be depended upon to create a functional and stylish website for any situation or organization. Not only can Lounge Lizard elevate the standard for marketing in Connecticut, but it will prove its potential to be limitless.