Website Design Company

Website Design Company

Lounge Lizard is a top website design company that provides incredible designs, outstanding customer service and cutting edge technology to give your company an advantage in the very crowded space of the internet. That isn’t just us tooting our own horn either; our award winning designs and customized applications do that for us.

So why do you need a website design company? Couldn’t you just spend a few dollars and get a design-in-a-box option for your company? Of course that is one option. But is your company only worth a few dollars? What type of message does that send to clients and potential customers?

Let’s look beyond just the cost of a good web design company and see exactly what you get when you hire a firm like Lounge Lizard. First you get our experience. With over a decade in the business, our professional staff has seen it and done it all. Plus our staff is comprised of some of the best designers in the business. With offices on both coasts we are readily available for our clients no matter where they are, from Los Angeles to New York.

Next, we offer a wide array of services to every client. We start with branding and discovery workshops to help narrow the focus of who you are, what product you have to offer and who the primary customers will be. This is a vital part of any marketing campaign. Make no mistake about it; the internet is a huge marketing opportunity and your website is the cornerstone of taking advantage of it. Let’s take a peek in that website-in-a-box…do they offer any workshops?

You need to understand how you are perceived in the marketplace along with strengths and weaknesses so you can then tailor your platform to the audience you are looking to engage. This isn’t just about being artistic and eye-catching; there is a science to it that is backed up by trends and statistics along with our years of experience about what works and doesn’t. Then from there it is time to put the design staff to work creating a visual masterpiece that is also extremely functional. Customers want a good user experience; they have come to expect it and if they don’t get it then they are more than happy to click to one of the other numerous sites Google can find for them to get it.

That is why our process is so in-depth. It is more than just the customized e-commerce solutions, sophisticated application creation, or well developed infrastructures, but it also includes all of that. You need to be competitive on multiple fronts, have a site that is easily accessible, fast, uses proper SEO and so much more. While the website design company that comes in a box might have checklists and websites for you to read about this, we are there to help you understand it, answer questions, and provide feedback.

There is a huge difference between hiring a professional and doing it yourself. Yes it can be cheaper, but certain things require a professional. You don’t always need an electrician to change an outlet but you should probably get one to re-wire your house. So that is what our website design company, Lounge Lizard, does. We are the professionals with years of experience in the industry that can help you create your space on the web and then push you to the forefront of a very crowded field.