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Web Design Company Pricing


Have you been shopping for a web design company to create a website or re-design an existing site recently? If you have then more than likely you have noticed the wide range of prices out there in the world of web design. As a consumer we have been taught to look for the best deal possible, but when it comes to certain things like a Website cheaper is most definitely not better.

That is not to say you should automatically hire an expensive Web design company either assuming that by default those high prices relate directly to service provided. Instead you need to be aware of exactly what you are paying for before casting judgment based on mere price alone when looking at all of these web design companies.

What are you buying?

Ideally when you are paying someone for a web design service you should be looking for expertise, experience, and a good level of customer service; otherwise what is the point? Most people are pretty resourceful and intelligent. We can do a lot of things on our own if given the time. But we pay others for services because they have spent the time to learn the right way and wrong way to do things. Additionally if they are a good business they have already invested money in the tools and well-trained people to assist them that we don’t have access to. This is especially true in the world of web design companies.

Here is a great example of getting what you pay for. My friend needed some maintenance on her Prius. She took it to a nearby garage that was a ‘no-name’ shop that offered low flat fees on repairs. While getting her oil changed he said her water pump needed to be replaced. So she did it paid him for it. A few weeks later a warning light came on and her maintenance book said ‘Go to a dealer immediately”.

Apparently she had an issue with the battery. While her car was there they noticed that she had 3 outstanding recall items on her car including the water pump. They took care of all of those repairs for free (covered by the recall), gave her a loaner car for the night, and returned her car washed and vacuumed. Currently she is trying to get a refund from the original mechanic for replacing her water pump which should have been free as a recall.

He is not a dealer authorized representative so that could be a problem. Plus he didn’t know about any of the recalls. His expertise was rather general and was not really equipped to handle her needs. As a result she suffered a much lesser level of service.

Difference in Wed Design Companies

Honestly anyone can make a web page. You can go use a free tool like Weebly and quickly get a cookie cutter page up and running in a few hours. But do you want cookie cutter? If this web page is a representation of your business you have to understand that you are making an investment. Also even if you are able to do this on your own does that qualify you to be a web design company?

Imagine if you were opening an actual brick and mortar business. Would you put your shop in a strip mall because that is the cheapest rent or would you look for a respectable location and expect to pay more for what you are getting? You web page is just like that storefront except it is going to be seen by a heck of a lot more people. So what do you want them to see?

Basic Web Design

  • Web Page with basics such as Home Page, About, Pictures, News, Blog
  • Some SEO design based on general business information
  • Store Capabilities for Purchases

Advanced Web Design

  • Analysis of company such as assets, goals, competitors, and risks
  • Develop layout for webpage that matches business profile and includes a user-friendly interface
  • Include applications into the webpage to support e-commerce, content management, and more depending on business focus. This can include Twitter feeds, live feeds, WordPress blogs, Facebook integration, and more
  • Determine proper optimization based on need such as for tablets, mobile devices, etc
  • Advanced analytical to review proper use of SEO based on niche market and goal
  • Review of traffic and analytical review of site to chart best methods to increase ROI and build a brand

The Bottom Line

It is really true what they say, you get what you pay for especially with a web design company. If you are looking for a simple web page design just to get on the web then be price conscious and look for the best deal that you can. More than likely you only have a small budget at this time for marketing and business development and you should spend wisely.

But, for those companies who are looking to create a brand and have a presence on the web then you should expect it will cost a bit more for those services. But you have to remember that expenditures in marketing (and a web page is marketing) are long-term investments into the success of your company. A website is an extremely valuable commodity that can help sell you and your product along with getting people interested and excited in what you have to offer.

You can’t get that from a cookie-cutter design.

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