Web Design Company NY

A Great NY Web Design Company to Partner with Your Business

NY web design company Lounge Lizard is a popular boutique web design company based in Long Island, NY, specializing in custom web design, web and mobile application development, and SEO. An award-winning NY web design company, Lounge Lizard has a full-time staff of experienced and talented NY-native web designers and application developers who have won awards over other NY web design companies for their work and competing Imaginative solutions.

Not only does Lounge Lizard serve clients throughout NY, but fulfills the web design and development needs of clients nationwide and in countries offshore as well. All Web development production takes place in our Long Island, New York, USA headquarters. Here, our regional satellite offices are also kept busy with custom website design requests while our web design company sales staff operates. Because of Lounge Lizard’s many locations and diverse staff, our web design company is always exciting with various resources, providing the best developmental experience for our NY and national clients.

Nevertheless, Lounge Lizard does much more than stylish website design and sophisticated application. Early in the relationship that we build with our clients, we offer a selection of many discovery and branding workshops. Lounge Lizard assists our clients to discover the essence of their business, and then strives to carry out its mission on the web. Not only do we work to discover the clients’ strengths and opportunities in the market, but how they are also perceived by their local audience in NY, and beyond.  Also, we explore how to go about overcoming any potential threats to our client. The NY clients’ new and powerful corporate identity is then ready to dominate their target industry, and bring their new target customers on board.

Our NY based boutique web design company also performs exceptional SEO and SEM tools that greatly assist our clients’ visibility on the web, and strategic information architecture. Some of our services include creating custom site maps and polished wireframes, providing web and online marketing services, developing databases, Flash and Java animation for websites, web design, the implementation of e-commerce for web-based business, and organized content management systems.

To say that Lounge Lizard’s specialties are limited to web development and website design would be like confining NY marketing to all aspects of what it can be today. Beyond the limitations of a computer, mobile application development has often become essential; media devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and other smart mobile devices are places where our clients often are so they can be accessed easily, and by comfortable means. Since websites in NY today have almost become online businesses, it is important to have a well-implemented e-commerce infrastructure that best suits our clients’ specific needs. As functionality is important, Lounge Lizard takes pride in web design that so aesthetically pleasing, it is one of the first requisitions that both our NY and all other clients have. In the competitive market of today, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essential for a company’s exposure and popularity among its competitors. It a top priority of Lounge Lizard to expose our NY clients as to their target market as much as possible.

Lounge Lizard’s web development consists of custom solutions and our website designs are modern, clean, and reflective of our clients’ wide range of tastes. We create professional websites that are in-demand and functional as well as aesthetically pleasing, solidifying us as a web design company in NY that your organization can only benefit from working with. With over a decade of accomplishments for clients all over NY, the USA, and beyond, Lounge Lizard does not only elevate the standard for marketing, but proves it to be limitless.