Web Design Company

Web Design Company

These days a top web design company brings a lot to the table. It isn’t just understanding basic HTML code anymore and creating a simple “presence” on the web. No, the entire process is much more complex and intricate as the internet has become the primary form of interaction for so many people and businesses. That is why when you need to truly create something exceptional that captures the vision of your organization and actually works for you, you pick a web design company like Lounge Lizard.

What does a web design company do? Some just provide simple pages and perhaps some flash animation. Other companies sell you on the idea of SEO and work with keywords. But the truly elite companies do so much more than that. At Lounge Lizard we provide a wide spectrum of services because clients come in all shapes and sizes with different needs.

Our award-winning firm can handle complex requests and transform ideas into reality. We create amazing websites with an eye for an optimal user experience. That means a responsive site that adapts to your clients along with being optimized for use with a touch screen for tablet and smart phones. Our firm, with offices on both coasts, can help optimize and organize your information, help discover your brand, develop and tailor web marketing campaigns, find e-commerce solutions, work with content management systems, create customized animations and applications and truly help you discover who you are along with how you can achieve your business goals through your website.

With our web design company, our first step is helping you understand yourself and your clients. We offer discovery and branding workshops to help you find out who and what you want to be and represent to the world. Then from that point it is a matter of carrying out that mission on the web by utilizing your strengths and finding the opportunities that exist in your market. By testing and working diligently we can understand how you are perceived and then customize your presence to create a powerful identify.

Of course some people might think that a web design firm is only about the creation of a website. Of course with our very talented staff we do that and so much more. Strategic information architecture, using SEO and SEM tools to better position a client, polished wireframes and custom maps, intricate databases and more are all within our wheelhouse. Understanding the ever changing nuances of the SEO world, having the ability to create graphics and animation, along with years of designing sites for clients from New York to Los Angeles gives us a level of experience that is hard to find elsewhere.

It is our goal at Lounge Lizard to help elevate your business and presence on the web. We want you to be successful and prosper and are happy to provide you with our wide array of services to accomplish your goals, because that is how we measure our success; one client at a time.