Web Design Companies

Web Design Companies

Are web design companies needed anymore? The answer varies depending on your personal needs. For some people, such as a self-employed artist, developing your own website is probably an inexpensive way to go which fits your business plan. However, for those businesses that are looking to create a mark in cyberspace and have a plan that needs something powerful of the web, utilizing a top design firm is a must in today’s very competitive market.

Now, we can’t speak for all of the other web design companies on the market, but what Lounge Lizard brings to the table in terms of providing a full service experience is certainly the type of service you need to be competitive. It isn’t just the basic web design these days, of course in that niche we are an award winning design firm. No, these days establishing a web presence requires a lot more than just basic HTML code.

Let’s look at that word, presence, for a minute. We here at Lounge Lizard prefer the definition that states, “An imposing or dignified personality”. That is what a good company should bring to you on the web and that is exactly what Lounge Lizard does bring to its’ clients.

You see, we do everything a client needs and a lot of things that clients haven’t even thought of. We have workshops where we help delve into who you are as a business, what you provide to clients, and figure out exactly who those clients are. This “discovery” phase is important and honestly it is something that a lot of web design companies fail to utilize. Not all web design companies are the same and this is just one aspect that sets us apart. Next we look into branding. A powerful brand is your identity in the advertising world. Make no mistake about it; the internet is the advertising world just as much as TV, print, or radio ads. After determining a brand we then move to the next phase of creating a customized web experience for both you and your customers.

Responsive designs on customized wireframes with personalized graphics and a beautiful yet engaging site that allows for the all important ease of use by anyone and everyone is what we then create. Do you need help organizing data or working with e-commerce? We can easily create customized solutions for that as well. Personalized applications? Of course we do that. Lounge Lizard also works with the current trends in SEO to help you put your website in a position to succeed.

Our award winning designers work with some of the top talent in the industry as far as coding and back-end creation to help create websites and applications that you can be proud of and will accentuate your brand. We have offices in New York and California to keep up with the needs of our clients all across the United States.

So to answer the initial question, yes web design companies are still needed. Of course not all web design companies are created equal, which is a good thing for us.

While you can pay a few bucks and get a quick website out of a box, does that really describe your company? Is your company equivalent to an inexpensive solution? We certainly hope not. Hopefully your company is like ours, something unique that you take pride in and is an industry leader that prides itself on providing incredible service for clients.