Web Design Companies Connecticut

Just because there are many small web design companies in Connecticut doesn’t mean you need to choose one of them. Explore your options by looking at web design companies such as our boutique website design firm, Lounge Lizard, just a ferry ride or quick car ride away from Connecticut!

As one of the premier high-end web design companies on Long Island, near Connecticut, we have provided clients all over the USA with professional websites that reflect their business needs. Custom application development is not something that all web design companies offer, but it’s something that Lounge Lizard specializes in, tailoring solutions like content management systems and e-commerce platforms to fit the requirements of our clients in Connecticut. We also have skilled website designers on our staff with years of experience in web design, as well as our talented application developers. Flash animation, movies, and slideshows are regularly added to our clients’ websites, and as one of the full service web design companies in the Connecticut area, we also do web marketing and information architecture.