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W3 Award Winner for Yokahu Kayaks Website

When you are in a creative field such as writing, art design, photography, or even web design, usually your primary goal is to make something great. Sure money is a factor as well but that creative drive provides a primary push. There is a sense of pride in creating something that people can appreciate whether it is writing a blog post that makes people think about a topic in a different way, creating a website that makes viewers go, “Oh wow,” or taking a picture that becomes timeless.

That is why Lounge Lizard is so excited to announce that we just won a 2012 W3 Gold Award from the International Academy of Visual Arts for our Yokahu Kayaks site. Now in their 7th year, this annual awards event recognizes the power of web creativity. It feels incredible to be recognized for our work with web design and creativity.

Lounge Lizard takes a lot of pride in winning awards such as these because when we put our name on a product that means something to us. We give projects everything we have because at the end of the day they are a reflection of us and quite honestly, we try and set the bar high for what we create for our clients and put out on the web.

The site we designed for Yokahu Kayaks is a great example of the type of work we do for clients every day. It is wonderful to be recognized with the Gold Award which helps to cement the reputation and brand we have built for ourselves within the industry which is to provide clients with something special and unique on the web that allows them to stand out.

Are we bragging? Yes we are! But we are also extremely excited for the recognition and can’t wait to create more incredible sites that might be nominated for a 2013 award.

Maybe your site will be our next award winner.

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