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Value-Based Creative: Your Potent Cocktail For Challenging Times

There is little doubt now that the global economy is shifting gears. The markets are becoming more volatile. Business spending is on the decline and purchase decisions are becoming harder to secure. The economic winds are blowing in a different direction – and it is time to creatively adjust your marketing sails.

Many businesses encounter a major marketing hurdle when they assume that creativity and business acumen are mutually exclusive, forcing the marketing team to choose one over the other. Should your online presence focus on being interesting and memorable? Or should the bottom line sales pitch take priority? Is there a third option?

The powerful middle road lies in value-based creative marketing: the integration of art, technology and clear business communication into a single effective promotional strategy. In a rough economy, value-based creative is the only way to keep the wind in your favor. It is the only way to leverage your marketing assets to their best advantage.

We at Lounge Lizard have found that a value-based creative marketing plan offers the best of all worlds, by marrying an engaging sensory appeal to an irresistible business campaign for the mind. The result is a highly effective communications strategy – more visitors, more sales, more value – that results in a far higher ROI for your marketing dollar.

Creativity is first and foremost about solving problems. Depending on the challenge at hand, the solution may be found in bold artistry, beauty, humor and wit. Other times, in an insightful understanding of the challenges faced by today’s business and the shifting marketplace. Still other innovations can commonly be found in cutting-edge technologies and the latest trends in strategic communications. Nearly all highly effective marketing strategies require a carefully considered and well executed balance of them all.

When it comes time to make the sale, remember that what ultimately matters to your prospect is value – financial, strategic, emotional and aesthetic – and never is the bottom line more important than when the economic weather gets rough. To continue prospering, your business can’t afford to leave any valuable creative tools left unused.


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