UX Design Companies

UX Design Companies

Lounge Lizard is one of the top UX Design Companies because we look to design experiences across mediums and platforms to maximize the user experience. Of course that might not mean that much to you initially. After all, what exactly is a UX Design Company? What is the difference between the various UX design companies and Lounge Lizard?

Let’s answer the latter question first. In a word, the biggest difference between most of the other companies out there and us is experience. We have been in the design game for over a decade. While the term, “UX Design” has become more of a trending name recently, the ideology behind it is something we have embraced and implemented for quite some time. Of course in the past, due to technological limitations, we weren’t able to do all of the amazing things we can today.

So what exactly does a UX Design Company do? Well, we can’t speak for everyone else, but what we do is focus on the user experience. You need more than just technological know-how and behind-the-scenes engineering to get a site up and running or to create a great application. You need to optimize the user experience and obsess over performance and the smallest details that make the over-all experience as interesting, easy, and fun and possible. We like to think of it as a combination of art and science.

That means when you land on one of our award winning websites or use an application, it is easy to navigate and use plus has visual appeal and functionality; basically everything you hope to find when interfacing these days. As one of the top UX Design Companies, which operates out of both New York and California, we have been creating that type of interface for quite some time because we quickly understood that engaging people and creating a memorable experience is important to achieving a better conversion rate.

Let’s face it; these days an elementary school student can create a basic website and high school students are designing applications. But there is a world of difference between what the top talent in the industry with years of experience can craft to that of those with only basic understanding. That is why people hire us. We take your ideas and transform them into something amazing that looks great and also helps direct users or visitors to produce a desired action.

How do good UX Design Companies help increase conversion rates? It is a specific process that involves understanding the target audience, testing designs, and understanding users’ behaviors.  By doing this, you craft a product that elicits the best response possible. It is a combination of design, strategy and development that creates the end result of a compelling experience.

At Lounge Lizard we can do all of this and more for you. We work on brand development, user engagement strategy, award winning web designs, application development, responsive website development, e-commerce solutions, and of course also work on creating the best overall user interface design.

So, how can we help you today?