User Interface Designer

Why do you need a user interface designer? From the perspective of someone who is hiring a web design firm or a company to design applications, it is all about the user interface.

Think about it; do you ever enjoy using something that is difficult, cumbersome, or overly complex? Most people don’t which is why the better the user interface design, the better the customer experience. That experience then translates to business for you.

A happy customer is much more likely to make a purchase, request a service, recommend you to others or even talk about how great of a website or application you have.

Studies have shown that with rapid expansion of the web and massive increase in personal devices with a huge number of applications, the user interface is an absolute key to success. Unlike years ago when options were much more limited, people do not have to settle. These days if you can’t engage someone, they are just a click away from being gone.

How many times have you jumped to a website and left within 30 seconds because the interface design was horrible? For that matter, think of applications? Who wants to struggle with a clunky app on their phone or tablet? The answer is…nobody. That is why developers work so hard to provide constant revisions based on customer feedback with an end goal of creating the best experience possible. Here at Lounge Lizard, we understand how important of a concept user interface design is, and quite frankly we have for years.

Our award winning design team has always strived to create visually pleasing and stylish web pages that are extremely functional. The core of a good user interface designer is the ability to combine style and functionality. At its’ heart, user interface design is based on working with four concepts; usability, visualization, accessibility and functionality. At Lounge Lizard, we have a solid team of designers and developers that work hand in hand to create web pages and applications focused on these concepts to ensure that the final product not only is an expression of your brand, but it is also something engaging while being very functional.

For web applications there are simple aspects such as integrating keyboard shortcuts for easier navigation. Visually we work to make it simple to find what you want using colors and images without overwhelming the eyes. We understand the concepts of eye tracking to better place items to stand out. These are just a few examples of the numerous concepts that a user interface designer considers when crafting a product.

It is a combination of still accomplishing your business goals, whether that is to sell a product or service, while at the same time catering to a customer so that their experience is pleasurable and easy. Nobody wants things to be hard these days; instead they want to be amazed with the ease of something so they think “That is exactly how it should be!” At Lounge Lizard, that is what we look to do. We take your brand and concepts then bring them to live in a way that properly targets your customers and your market.

With over a decade of experience in web design, user interface designs, application development, branding, customized e-commerce solutions, online marketing services and so much more, Lounge Lizard is the answer to your design needs.