User Interface Design Company

Being one of the top user interface design companies in the web design business was no accident; it was all a result of hard work. Lounge Lizard has spent years building sites and applications with our stable of talented personnel providing the ingenuity and experience that allows us to take every project to the next level which includes customizing the user interface in a way that matches your company and its personality.

Lounge Lizard, an award winning design company that operates on both coasts, has a proven track record of providing high end web pages and applications. One of the secrets to success has been the ability to consistently create a great user interface. With the advance in technology, designers have the ability to create incredible visual presentations that are also very functional. In today’s world, where tablets, smart phones and standard desktops are everywhere, people are connected more than ever. With so many things available to see and that can entertain, it is absolutely key to have something that people are excited to use; that is where a user interface design company comes in.

Good user interface design involves combining usability, visualization, accessibility and functionality. Software design, web design, applications being used on tablets or smart phones and multimedia are becoming more and more interface oriented so much that people expect it and tend to ignore things with an inaccessible or unusable design that is cumbersome to work with. Think about what your own preferences are; do you like something slick and streamlined that is easy to understand, enjoyable to use and provides you what you want? Of course you do…and so does everyone else.

As a top user interface design company we know that it all starts with usability and functionality. Your website or application should be well planned and designed so that people can navigate easily and quickly without confusion. Functionality goes hand in hand with usability. Features should be useful and interactive, when necessary, to engage people and entertain them. The purpose is to direct visitors to perform certain actions and keep them there. With our skilled designers and full-time staff of professionals we have no problem creating a stunning visual experience and then ensure that it is easily accessible regardless of device or language of potential users and even considering disabilities such as visual impairment.

Lounge Lizard is a firm that specializes in bringing our clients’ businesses to life on the web. If you imagine it, we can create it. It is our goal to make your ideas come to life in a way that captures your customers, engages them and then accomplishes the goal you have for your web site or application. These days it all starts with a great user design interface, and we are just the company to do it. Lounge Lizard has earned their reputation in the business with stylish web designs and sophisticated application development. With over a decade of experience under our belts and satisfied clients all across the U.S., let us show you what we can do.