UI Designer

How is a UI Designer different from other types of designers? Is it just a naming game? Aren’t all designers the same or is there an actual difference between a UI Designer, a visual designer, or a front-end developer?

Those are important questions to ask when you are hiring a web design firm and they are telling you about the services they provide along with the staff they have on hand to provide those services. At Lounge Lizard, we take our job as a web design firm and application development company seriously. We don’t just assign cute names to people for the purpose of cutting business cards; we assign titles based on job duties and responsibilities.

So when we tell you that our award winning Web Design Company employs a top UI Designer that means we have a professional who understands the nuances of User Interface Design. Rather than having people play jack-of-all trades, here at Lounge Lizard we have experts in specific fields that we rely on to help craft our pages and products. That means top UI Designers, marketing experts, people who understand branding, coders that focus on Flash and Java animation, and top talent in every other area of our business. We have made it a priority to hire some of the hardest working and most talented people from various fields to work in our offices in New York and California to ensure that our customers are getting the best people on every job.

So what does a UI Designer do? User Interface has become critical for not only applications and websites but also for anything we use regularly including cars and appliances. People are starting to expect a certain level of experience when using a software program or working on a smart phone. That has become a trend because of the hard work of UI Designers creating things that are easy to use, visually pleasing, and extremely functional. When you get in a new car you expect to have a touch screen interface to navigate and control functions simply without needing a user-manual. The same goes for using a software program or landing on a website.

A good UI Designer creates and crafts products that people can intuitively use which greatly increases the user experience. At Lounge Lizard, we have been focusing on the aspect of increasing the user experience for years. Our company has understood that the web can be so much more than just information; it can be a fun and exciting place where people enjoy spending time when you create the right environment that provides information in an interesting manner that keeps people engaged.

Along with providing stylish web design and sophisticated applications, we focus on branding and marketing strategies to help you understand your customers and people who will be interfacing with your site or application. This information is used to help create a design that will increase the experience for your target audience. Our incredible staff of coders, designers and developers then brings these concepts to life. At Lounge Lizard we have elevated the standards of what applications and the web should be. So, how can we help you?