UI Design Companies

The top UI Design Companies all have one thing in common; we focus on thoughtful design to create a great user experience. At Lounge Lizard, an award winning design company that operates in New York and California, we have focused on user interface and the user experience for years because we understand that is what people get excited about when using applications or the internet.

We have applied our skills and knowledge, built from over a decade of experience, to improving the user experience. As one of the top UI design companies we have honed our process that always starts with listening to our clients to understand their wants and needs. From there we delve into intense research about the market, clients and potential clients because you need to know who you are designing for and why. UI design is more than just crafting something pretty. The web used to be much more visually based, but we have moved past that into an interactive environment where people want to be able to intuitively understand a website or application and easily find what they want or how to interact with it.

Of course it also has to look good with a style that matches your brand and our very talented staff has the experience and knowledge to not only craft something stylish and impressive, but also functional and interactive for your audience.

The best UI design companies understand all of the nuances that go into proper user interface design. Using the proper colors, images, and text are just part of it. Placement of items in relation to standard eye tracking, speed of functions, responsiveness of the site and making sure the important features are the ones users gravitate towards all going into the formulation of what we do. The bottom line is after we understand what your expectations and need are; we look to place you above your competitors.

At Lounge Lizard we understand how to research the market and define your target audience, which in turn helps us identify how to interact and choose features that resonate with that audience. When can then fully delve into the design and test it to see if our customer insights have been properly reflected in your application or on your website to accomplish what you want.

Lounge Lizard is one of the top UI Design Companies because our goal is to make you stand out from the crowd and we have achieved that goal with clients time and time again. Your UI Design will stand out and your users will benefit from that design in the form of a great user experience. We pride ourselves on our designs along with achieving customer satisfaction with each client; that is what we consider success. So how can we put our years of experience and talented staff to work for you?