Touch Screen Designer

Touch Screen Designer

What does it mean to be a touch screen designer? In today’s world of acronyms and ever-changing titles, new names for jobs seem to pop up every few months. Basically, a touch screen designer is an extension of being a good user interface designer with some technical adjustments being made because of the human-machine interface advances over the last several years.

The capability for touch screens has been around for years; think of your microwave or a dishwasher for example. However with the popularity of smart phones and then tablets, touch screens have blasted forward in use and popularity. It is like we are watching an older sci-fi movie and our technology finally caught up to things people used to see as “advanced”.

Here at Lounge Lizard, where we have an incredible staff of some of the most talented people in the business, we have learned that on top of the technical side of understanding how a touch screen interface works, to be a truly successful touch screen designer you need to still be a great designer in general. That is something we have always prided ourselves on in the decade plus we have been designing web pages and now applications; our ability to create exceptional designs.

You see, with web pages, applications, or really any sort of design, it needs to be more than simply technically efficient. It also has to have style, appeal and a good user interface that allows your target audience to easily understand how to interact with it. At Lounge Lizard, our touch screen designers understand that it is more than just the technology, but how we then utilize it so that every user gets the best experience possible. Why have such incredible techs if we then don’t make the most of them? Think about it for a minute; do you enjoy something that is easy to use and understand or difficult and awkward?

The difference between touch screen design and a more “standard” design has to with ease of navigation more than anything else. A designer needs to be aware of items being placed too closely which creates issues when tapping the screen or even the difficulty people with larger fingers might have when using buttons and links. Other considerations such as dynamic menus, hover states, amount of text entry needed and even background color usage to reduce glare must all be taken into account when working on designs that a touch interface will be used on.

Consider that most people are right-handed. At Lounge Lizard we understand this and take it into account when we are designing a webpage that is responsive and meant to be viewed on a smart phone or tablet. We don’t place links and clickable areas on the right side where people often scroll as it creates user issues. There are numerous small things such as this that anyone who is designing with a touch screen in mind should be aware of and needs to work with to ensure that users enjoy that interaction.

The bottom line is that if people have a difficult time with the navigation and use of your webpage or application because of a bad design, they simply won’t use it because the hassle and frustration is not worth the results. That is why you hire a company like Lounge Lizard. With have years of experience combined with some of the top design talent in the industry that combines with our technical expertise to create web pages and applications for today’s market.