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Top Tips To Increase Your App Visibility

What is the main reason you need to read out top tips to increase your app visibility? The answer is simple – mobile app marketing is critical to the success of your app.

Do you know how many apps that you can download from the top app stores like Google Play, Windows Phone Store, Amazon Appstore and the Apple App Store? If you guessed about two million then you are right. Think about that for a minute; two million. That is an absurd number of mobile apps that you are competing against.

That is why you need to use every tip and trick in the playbook to make sure your app – no matter how effective, functional, well-designed and amazing that it is – stands out in a very crowded field.

Visibility Boosting Tips

  • Use ad networks – There are arenas in which ad networks can be extremely effective and boosting mobile app marketing is one of them. It starts by identifying your target audience and other top apps that group will download. From there you can post in-app ads of your app to ensure that people you want to connect with are getting the 411 on your product. Even with a 1 or 2% click-through rate, those numbers will be enough to boost your app store ratings which can then cause a waterfall effect for rankings.
  • Use social media – One of the best methods of marketing is promotion from existing users. Social media is a great vehicle for this because it can organically move from your target audience to an unexpected audience by good word of mouth. As an added bonus people often use social media as an arena for ideas and complaints which gives you an avenue to pursue for finding information, feedback and ideas on ways to improve your product.
  • Create loyal users – How many users on average will leave you app after 6 months? The staggering statistic is 90%! There are a handful of reasons why this occurs and one of them is that users simply don’t feel that special connection to you and your app that inspires loyalty. So how can you fix that? First you need to ensure there is a recurring reason why they should use your app. Next you need to listen to user feedback and then add features, upgrades and changes that your customers want and will appreciate. Finally you need to use push notifications to not only let them know about the updates but also provide some sort of loyalty bonus such as discounts or special offers.
  • Press release – Is this an old school method? Yes it is, but it is also a savvy way to get your information out to the masses. A press release is a must whenever an initial product is launched to an app store as well as for massively updated versions. This can easily be sent to contacts in the media and online news sites to help quickly and effectively promote your launch. Make sure you take the time to find as many contacts as possible for the list and update it whenever possible.
  • Make sure the app store is optimized – With all the fanfare about SEO for web pages you would think that more people would be aware of a similar concept, app store optimization, for their apps. Your app needs visibility and needs to be found with searches. To accomplish this you need to have a short, relevant and memorable title. In that title you need one great keyword the people will search highly for whatever niche or service you are providing. You also need to include targeted keywords in the description, making sure the description is interesting and informative without being a snore-fest. Last but not least, the app needs to be categorized properly. This should be checked regularly to ensure someone hasn’t accidently placed it in the wrong spot causing for a lack of product hits for people who perform category searches.
  • Apply for awards – Want some free publicity? Apply for any and all awards your product can be considered for. Even if you don’t become a finalist, people will have the chance to see and talk about your app possibly even opening the door for networking opportunities and more.

The bottom line is that you need to do everything you can to market your app otherwise all the time, money and energy used to create it can easily go to waste if the public doesn’t instantly become enamored with it. Our top tips to increase your app visibility are great way to market your mobile app and give it the best chance possible to be noticed amongst the millions of other apps currently available.

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