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Top Tips For Getting Good Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials can be a powerful selling point for potential customers, helping to push them towards a conversion when they are feeling unsure about your business or its’ products. It makes sense that many businesses want and need them as they offer validation and support as to what you are offering. In the world of website design, we often counsel clients to utilize this type of endorsement and today we wanted to share our top tips for getting good customer testimonials.

As there are plenty of unscrupulous people out there that use fake reviews, true testimonials that can be confirmed if necessary are extremely valuable. Consider each positive endorsement like a referral when you are applying for a job; it is an independent verification of your worth as a business.

So how can you get good customer testimonials? These are our top tips based on experience:

Top Tips for Obtaining Testimonials

  • Be Selective – Don’t ask everyone. Instead be selective and ask clients who you know love what you did for them. It helps if these people are well known or in your target demographic, but the basic idea is to ask people who are going to be positive and outgoing in regards to the products or services you provided.
  • Ask after the Sale or Completion – Emotions are typically highest right after your business is concluded, especially if you impressed them with your performance or how well you handled the transaction. Plus everything is still fresh which makes details easier to discuss.
  • Ask for Feedback – The word testimonial can be a bit intimidating and often people are bad and putting together what they feel sounds good. Feedback, on the other hand, is often related to a recent experience and people are happy to do that. When you ask for feedback, use specific questions such as, “How was your overall experience,”, “What did you like best about this product or service,” or “Would you recommend this to a friend.” These questions help direct their answers which are in essence testimonials. Then you simply need to ask their permission to turn it into a testimonial while leaving everything in the natural language they responded with.
  • Include a Feedback Section in Satisfaction Surveys – Some businesses use a customer satisfaction survey to gauge performance. Within that survey you can easily ask for feedback as noted above. Then, when reviewing surveys, those that standout as potential testimonials can be approached about using their input on your site.
  • Look at Social Media – Facebook and LinkedIn are two common places that people will leave recommendations and reviews for you or your business. These can then be highlighted and easily mentioned not only on those sites but also on your own website.
  • Check Local Directories – Yelp, yahoo local, Google Places and other similar sites allow people to post reviews about local businesses. Much like the social media sites, these reviews can then be reflected on your testimonials page.
  • Offer Incentives – Many businesses offer either an incentive or chance to be in a drawing for providing customer feedback. These surveys are a chance to not only learn about their experience but also to obtain testimonials. Generally speaking, if you are rewarding people such as with a discount on their next transaction, you are often only going to hear from people who liked you enough in the first place that they want to do business again.

The bottom line is that testimonials, especially really good ones, are worth their weight in gold. Both written and video testimonials allow potential customers to see and hear what you have done for others, which then sets expectations in how well their transaction would go. Keep our top tips for getting good customer testimonials in mind and soon you will have some great customer success stories to share with future clients.

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