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Top Tech Trends for 2014

The New Year is often hailed as the hallmark of change. Out with the old and in with the new is a frequently quoted saying and nowhere is it truer than with trends. As the end of 2013 approaches we again gaze forward excitedly to the upcoming year to look at the Top Tech Trends for 2014, which quite honestly look pretty cool.

Top Tech Trends

  • Wearable Devices – Everyone can look forward to more wearable devices. So far we have the Google Glasses and of course the Samsung Smartwatch. What else can we expect? Look for development of similar devices that can be worn and utilized such as a bracelet that monitors medical conditions or smart rings and embedded sensor shirts. One prediction other people aren’t making that we will; smart watches will be a much hotter commodity than smart glasses. The simple reason is the “coolness” factor. Much like people don’t use a Bluetooth device as much as was predicted, talking out loud (to your glasses) is simply not as cool as talking to your watch like you are a spy.
  • Mobile Apps – Apps will grow while applications will shrink with the concept of an app becoming smaller and more targeted to a singular idea. However the way to utilize this for growth is to design apps that can then work together to create larger applications.
  • Tech in the Car – Many of the creations you will find in wearable devices will make their way to the car to help connect the car and driver even more. Technology that can monitor illness, heart rate, stress, or even carbon monoxide levels will be useful to prevent accidents and improve driver safety.
  • Mobile Money – Mobile wallets, which never really caught on when they were first introduced, have finally become more of a reality. With more banking taking place via smart phones suddenly this concept could be on the brink of a full explosion worldwide.
  • Tablets and Education – Tablets are becoming much more affordable and as schools see the value in combining them into education we should see a transformation in how children learn and use technology in the classroom. There have already been numerous “tech” middle and high schools that use tablets and Chrome Books for every student and more educators are seeing the value in starting kids on tech earlier.
  • Mobile Fitness – How did we live before smart bracelets tracked every heartbeat and calorie? This is an area that should see massive development especially as it transitions into total health and not just athletic endeavors. Seniors could benefit from this technology as a preventative method for tracking a wide range of data.
  • Devices get Smarter – By smarter we mean more aware. Artificial intelligence? It certainly seems like Google is on the fast track towards intuitive intelligence by tracking so many points of data and using them so effectively on an individual basis. All of our devices are going to get smarter to better help us in whatever niche they cover.
  • 3D Printing – The evolution of the 3D printer has continued as affordability and technology have merged nicely. Now it is a viable and cost-effective way to print. The expectation is for up to a 75-percent growth in shipments of units 2014 followed by a still robust 50-percent increase in 2015, which is a huge increase in a mere two years.
  • Clouds keep Growing – Personal clouds are going to become more in demand with the NSA seemingly running wild in the public arena. As users gravitate away from public and look for private or personal clouds that means in-home options and network-attached storage options should be on the rise.
  • Smart TV – One of the devices everyone expects to get smarter is television. People will demand to access Hulu, Netflix and internet browsing from their devices as well as using voice command, because obviously a remote is such a hassle. With Apple’s iTV on the horizon for the summer of 2014, we can expect a lot of changes by the end of the year on what a TV will do.

These are some of the biggest tech trends for 2014 we expect to see. Will there be more?


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