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Top Tablet Games

Why do we have tablets? For entertainment of course! Yes, some people like to say they use them for overall productivity, but we also watch shows and play games on them. Tablets are a bit different than smart phones. While many games are great on both platforms, some are better on smart phones and others work better on a tablet. So with that in mind we pulled out the entire catalog of what is hot and what is not to compile our list of some of the hottest games available for tablets.

Now before looking at just the games we had to narrow the field down a bit. We did this by first looking at the top tablets out there. Our big three are the Apple iPad, Google Nexus, and an Android tablet by Asus. That means we are only dealing with iOS and Android based application for tablets in this discussion.

The Top 10 Games

  1. Infinity Blade II – This iPad game features high quality game play and fantastic graphics built to work with the iPad’s capabilities. The original Infinity Blade was an instant classic and this is a must have app for those who love epic action games.
  2. World of Goo – This Wii game has now come to the Android system. It is a very entertaining puzzle style game that tends to get very addictive. It has quirky yet very stunning graphics and will certainly keep your brain working hard.
  3. Real Racing 2 HD – This bad boy games transforms your tablet into a steering wheel creating instant fun as your rip and burn around the race track. You can mirror this using AirPlay to race on your HD TV. For those who haven’t experienced it before, you have to try a racing game on a tablet; they are massively entertaining regardless of how much of a gamer you are.
  4. OnLive – This is actually a sweet free app that allows you to play console titles on an Android tablet. You stream the games live. You can do touch based games like L.A. Noire or add a wireless controller and play Batman: Arkham City.
  5. Dead Trigger – Zombies, guns, and a post-apocalyptic setting…yeah we can dig that. There is something very fun about trashing the walking dead, especially while killing time on your morning commute. It has a basic free option and upgradable purchase options. It is available for the Android.
  6. Asphalt 7: Heat – Gameloft just keeps improving this series. This version mixes racing with sim for a sweet combination of game play and great graphics. With tons of cars and a bunch of challenges this great (and cheap…$1) game is well worth the cost for the iOS.
  7. Shadowgun – Just can’t get enough of blasting things on your Nexus? Well then load up this must buy game for the Android platform. It has top notch touch-screen controls, incredible detail, and will keep you occupied for hours.
  8. Castle Master 3D – This free game for the iOS is extremely entertaining for those who like sim-type battles. The point is to be a good king, build up your empire, and take over the neighboring areas. It is a well put together game and even the add-on options are done well as to not get in the way of actually playing.
  9. Riptide GP – Water racing games never get old and this is a great one to have on your Android tablet for kids to play as well as adults. It has great graphics and 12 different courses to keep people entertained for hours with all sorts of fun. Warning, it will probably make your arms sore.
  10. Temple Run – This great game is actually available on both platforms. It is simple and yet very entertaining. You use touch and swipe motion for control as your player flees from monkeys while collecting coins. This is just one of those basic, fun games built for all ages as a great way to pass the time.

Let’s face it, part of the fun of having a tablet is whipping it out and entertaining the heck out of yourself, your friends, and random people sitting nearby. So check out these sweet games and make your free time, fun time.

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