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Top Five New Year’s Resolutions for Online Merchants

While most merchants have been pushing hard to end the year strong, that doesn’t mean you should forget about next year. One of the biggest keys to running a successful business is the ability to constantly look to the future. With that in mind let’s take a peek at the top five things anyone and everyone who sells online should be looking at for this next year.


The Big 5 Resolutions

  • Use E-mail to Attract Customers – Many people do not appreciate e-mail from sellers; unless it includes some sort of deal they actually want. One of the benefits of utilizing a good marketing database of existing customers’ information is the ability to create filtered lists that categorize customers on numerous levels. Use that information to target your customers with specific deals they might find appealing to get them back after Christmas. You can also use simple coupons or offering free shipping as a way to bump sales.
  • New Year, New Campaign – Out with the old and in with new should be something you say about your advertising campaign. The New Year is a great time to re-launch a website, update your marketing message, and generally adjust your promotional campaign. Dust off that old copy and try something fresh! This prevents ads on out-of stock items and also can attract new and existing customers because ‘new’ is always interesting.
  • Analyze and Adapt – Now is a great time to get a jump on analyzing stats to see what worked and didn’t work. This allows for better planning on future campaigns. Ideally you have multiple platforms for advertising and you want to see what is effective and expand on it while adjusting for things that don’t produce results. You can also poke around and try and see what worked for other, similar businesses.
  • Consider Daily Deals – This is a smart move, especially for the smaller businesses. Daily deals aren’t the hot item they used to be, but they can actually be very effective. Social media is an excellent vehicle to offer daily deals by using sites like Facebook or Twitter to advertise the deal. This can also help attract new followers to those mediums. This idea is great for in-store sellers as well to help direct traffic in your door and fill up the store.


Keep Up Socially – What do people do when the weather is cold? More often than not they are relaxing inside surfing the net. That makes now a key time to jump on your social networks to push advertising and attract attention. You should also make a point to increase levels of customer service and information to help build a better relationship with new and existing customers. Those connections can sprout and grow during the year leading to a great return.


Most of these ideas can be done by any business regardless of size. If you are online or have a brick-and-mortar store they can be effective and help start the year of right. Remember, the better start to the year you have, the less pressure at the end of the year.



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