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Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic from Facebook

For those businesses that are not getting the most out of their Facebook accounts, we are happy to present our Top 5 Ways to Drive Traffic from Facebook. After all, with all of the people that are constantly out there on Facebook, it only makes sense to try and optimize your traffic, right?

Now, before we jump headlong into this we do want to point out that while there are tons of people out there on Facebook, it is not driving more traffic that Google. So while paying attention to what you are doing on Facebook is important to the overall picture, it still takes a back seat to search and direct traffic in regards to not only the percentage of visitors it will drive, but also the quality of that visitor.

Arbitrary Facebook Stats

Great headline right?  Yes these are subjective stats, but ones that you need to be aware of before you go further. In general Facebook is driving more traffic than any other social site. They are probably driving more traffic than Yahoo, Bing and YouTube. The “probably” has to do with the lack of all these sites reporting data in an open manner so we are left estimating and trying to determine traffic totals by backing out what we do know.

There is also a difference in the overall quality of Facebook traffic compared to Google or even Yahoo or Bing. Typically people who come from Facebook visit about 1 page on a site. Google and other search engines are usually around 2 to 2.5 pages and direct traffic is anywhere from 3 to 5 visits in a session.

The reason we are providing these stats is to ensure that readers understand what they get with Facebook traffic so it is easier to form a plan to make the most out of it.

Does Facebook even work for you?

While Facebook traffic is nice, you need to first make sure that the audience usage matches your targets and content goals. For example, if you are trying to reach engineers or lawyers then Facebook is probably not the ideal site to focus on compared to LinkedIn. On the other hand if you are selling Epic Sports Fails or videos of Cats Doing Super Cute Stuff then boy is Facebook your market!

After you decide that Facebook is your best medium you need to see which topics work best. There is a great tool out there call BuzzSumo that helps you identify keywords and the associated content that has performed well in the last six months. This provides invaluable information as to what works, what doesn’t, what has just been done and what you might be able to build on in the future.

Finally, before you jump headlong into any changes, you need to set up your Google Analytics to track referrals that come from social sites and then what that traffic does after it arrives and leaves. It is important to see if that traffic then comes back again through regular search methods to see if your efforts are worthwhile.

Our Top 5 Ways to Drive FB Traffic

Finally! Let’s get to it!

  • Headlines earn clicks – As great as your content might be, having a good headline is more important to earning clicks on Facebook. Of course, your content should be great as well to earn more shares, but those headlines are a big deal because tons of shares only show that 5 to 15 word headline, so if it doesn’t grab people then your virility will tank.
  • Go visual – Visual content is far superior to non-visual content on all media platforms including Facebook. Great visuals get shared more easily spreading your reach. If you don’t do visuals, start doing them. If you don’t do them well, work on getting better at them.
  • Interaction is critical – While this is not a fact validated by Facebook themselves, all the indicators out there show that what spreads a post more than anything else is the size of the audience that is commenting, sharing, or following a link from the post. This also includes time a user spends with a post active in the feed they are looking at (or in the visual portion of the panel). So a key goal of driving traffic is to grow engagement by creating topics that people want to comment on, start arguments, share, etc. and then Facebook will help spread that content as well.
  • Pay to amplify – But only if your Facebook traffic has a good ROI. This is why setting up proper social tracking with your analytics is important. If you can determine that your FB traffic has good ROI then it makes sense to pay to have that reach boosted, just like you would with Google and AdWords. While the Facebook traffic is less targeted, it is less expensive to amplify via Facebook with a benefit of expanded reach.
  • Personal pages are powerful – For a while Brand pages had more dominance on Facebook, but no more. Individual pages have a better chance to get extended reach than a brand page. So how do you use this? One way is to use people to help promote content rather than having (or trying to have) brand associated pages promote it. By having real people follow brands and then look to share and comment on things it will help. Look to encourage employees to use their personal Facebook pages to help promote the business and the business of your partners and affiliates.

There you have it: our top 5 ways to drive traffic from Facebook that can help you grow your business.

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