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Top 5 Ways To Convert Website Users Into Customers

It makes sense that if you have a website then you should be trying to find ways to connect with website users so you can convert them into customers. After all, the goal of any well-designed site should be to have users become enamored enough that they come back again and again.

So…how do you do that?

It is certainly a fine line that needs to be walked between trying too hard and not trying hard enough to win over users. By taking a page out of the book on human psychology, we can combine science and technology to create a site that will charm your intended targets and make sure that they form that strong connection you are looking for.

The 5 Ways to Forge a Sales Connection

  • Understand who you are speaking to – Understanding your user is a huge key to how they will interact with your site. You are trying to give people what they want so of course you need to understand them as much as possible before you figure out what it is they want or need. You need to appeal to your audience visually and even audibly. Users should have to think less with a site because your site has recognizable patterns that are familiar to them based on what they are used to. It needs to look good and function effectively to provide them what they want. Think about what your users find enjoyable and cater to that more than just demographically but also on an emotional level.
  • Balance fun and function – Having a great product and a very usable or efficient website doesn’t always equal success. Why is that? The answer is because even with good usability, that is only part of the equation when it comes to what people want on a psychological level. Functional and reliable are great but pleasure always tops the list. Think about destructive behavior people perform because they find it pleasurable rather than functional. So along with usability and reliability you need to add some fun and delight to create a more pleasurable experience. That way you are fulfilling an emotional need as well as practical.
  • Craft an engaging flow – Working from the point above, one way to craft fun is by piquing interest and emersion through a well-designed, story-like flow. You want people to be so into your product that they keep delving deeper. You can do this by regularly engaging the user by giving them control and then offering ways to attain a sense of achievement. Think of any good game where positive feedback and success early on makes it hard to put down. Candy Crush would be a fantastic example where you have ultimate control; it is engaging and also rather easy to start with. Positive feedback messages are provided after each level offering encouragement to keep going. Now translate that idea to your website.
  • Create a positive emotional response – So building on the above point, what are ways to generate delight and positive emotional responses? Here are a list of common design methods you can employ:
    • Trust – Building trust is positive, a lack of trust is negative. Always be honest with content, pictures, etc to build trust at every turn.
    • Great Visuals – If you know your users then ensure that you are providing pleasing visuals that they will find fun, interesting or amusing.
    • Hidden Items – Added animations, boxes that appear when you hover over them, actions that trigger fun responses and the like are ways to create surprise treats.
    • Personalization – Little touches that users find appealing are custom messages or special offers that area triggered just for that user even without signing in or offering personal information. It shows you care about that person no matter who they are.
    • Give favors – Providing people with something they might want or need as a favor, such as a freebie or discount, naturally makes them want to return the favor in some way or at least view you in a much more positive light.
  • Make mistakes fun – Mistakes happen and the best way to make them into a positive experience is by making them fun! The best example is a 404 Broken Link page. Why not have a few customized pages that users are redirected to that are funny AND provide navigation back to a spot you choose? You can easily make a negative experience positive with humor.

The Bottom Line

To be clear, using psychology as part of planning a website design is not intended to trick users, but simply to appeal to other humans in a positive way that is enjoyable for them. The reason people go to a ‘favorite’ restaurant over and over is because of the positive experiences they have had in the past which makes them want to repeat that experience in the future. Our top 5 ways to connect with website users follows that idea because designing with the best user experience in mind for your customer results in a finished product that creates positive experiences that resonate and sell more. Period. End of Story.

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