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The Top 5 Memorable Web Design Tips

Most everyone wants a website that users flock to, and yet many sites are still rather bland or generic. The world of web design has evolved over the years to become in some areas a canvas for digital artistry while others simply aim for something that is functional and looks fine. But does “just fine” really produce the results you want?

We have always been drawn towards the compelling design rather than the cookie-cutter norm because a design that captures the attention gets talked about and engaged with. That is why today we wanted to share our Top 5 Tips for crafting a memorable design.

The Top 5 Memorable Design Tips

  • Use Storytelling – Storytelling is a power visual element that can quickly engage viewers as well as telling people who you are and what you do in a matter of seconds. It takes a combination of strong visuals that uniquely explain what your company is about and good text with powerful statements that clearly describe aspects the design elements can’t. You want identification at a glance that is interesting enough that people then want to turn the page of your story.
  • Have Fun – Many sites focus on being overly conservative, however fun – even in a small dose – can make a world of difference to the experience of the user. What makes a site fun? Games that can be played or an interesting movie that will auto play are fun. Bright colors and a light typography feel fun. Images or videos that utilize smiling, happy people are fun.
  • Use Color Effectively – Color is a fantastic way to theme your site to your brand and creates contrast within the design. At the same time that color can also be used to stand out if you are willing to move a few shades outside of the generic palette so many companies use. Even if it is using small bright splashes of color within your normal palette you can create something visually stimulating and noticeably different from the rest.
  • Create Strong Contrasts – One of the best ways to make a memorable impression is by using design elements to craft strong contrasts between elements, between text, highlighting CTA’s and helping direct a user’s eye to where it needs to be. Many sites have sections that bleed together or wash away when looked at as a whole because of weak contrasts which can cause them to be overlooked or ignored. Make the most of all of your space!
  • Rotate Elements – It can be difficult to redesign a site on a regular basis to help keep things fresh, but why not install a few specific elements that can be used to rotate aspects within? This works especially well with news/information site and retail sites where you want to feature new products, stories or headlines regularly while keeping the overall site the same. When you have repeat visitors’ on a regular basis you want to ensure you are doing something to help stimulate them as well. A section of the homepage that features an inspirational quote or changing photos can be fun as well.

The bottom line is that crafting something memorable should be one of the top goals you have when you are designing a website. Yes, the functionality and user experience is also very important, but don’t forget that your design quality along with interest factor is part of that user experience. So before your next design or re-design, consider how our top 5 tips for crafting a memorable design could help make your project unforgettable.

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