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Top 5 Mobile Apps that are Driving Traffic

Driving traffic towards your business is one of the primary aspects of having a web presence. While some businesses rely on online sales, others such as retail outlets and other brick and mortar operations need to be seen online so their customers can find them.

So what is the best way to go about that?

One of the most vital keys, in this ever changing online world, is to focus on how people will find your business. With smart phones becoming so powerful and popular, along with those who use tablets, being aware of what applications potential customers are using and making sure that your business is there to be found on them is becoming more imperative.

Here are the Top 5 Mobile Apps that are important to monitor that can help drive traffic to you:

Yelp – Millions of people use Yelp every single month and that number is constantly increasing. It’s not just restaurants and retail outlets that people look for and review anymore, but virtually any local business from a dentist to accountants. People enjoy using Yelp to find a business and also to rate their experience. A business needs to customize their business profile to ensure you don’t miss out on potential conversions. It is free to claim a business page.

Foursquare – The audience for Foursquare is up to 35 million users and growing. For this type of social application that is amazing. Users are sharing recommendations with friends and offering suggestions of great local places. Are you represented? Foursquare offers a lot of free business tools as well as the ability to promote special deals. The big kicker? Every time a user checks in to your venue they are providing free advertising to people they are linked with.

Facebook – Obviously Facebook is a social network, but a business can still claim its own business on Facebook for free. Then you can utilize Facebook’s business tools to extend your reach locally. Plus when people “Check In” using Facebook it provides the same type of exposure you get from Foursquare as friends see that check-in for some free advertising. Plus Facebook is never a company to sit around idly. They are adding new features to compete with Yelp such as Graph Search to find things nearby your current location that friends like.

Google Maps – What is Google used for? At this point, basically everything is inter-related. People use Gmail, Google Calendar and Google to search. As Google becomes more interconnected, especially with smart phones, the actual searching will become more localized and personalized. Now that Google bought Zagat, using Google maps to search for nearby businesses is on a whole new level. If you want to maximize exposure in Googleland you want a listing with Google Place as well as Google+.

OpenTable – This little gem is growing in popularity in the food community with over 27,000 restaurants in the U.S., Canada and Mexico connected. Basically you can check for availability and score reservations from your smart phone. Depending on your location and demographic, this can be extremely important. The app has a search function that allows people to find local spots, read reviews, etc. If you have a restaurant or bar then you want to be connected with OpenTable.

Honorable Mentions

There are other applications that have specific niches as well. Groupon is highly popular as many people search for deals before shopping or making purchases. LivingSocial is another deal option service which is great if you plan on offering deals to drive customers to you. UrbanSpoon is another restaurant site. While not as popular as OpenTable, if you are a restaurant or bar then you want to be represented on both.

You need to be represented where people are looking for businesses and services if you want to maximize exposure and conversions. Working with most of these sites is fairly easy as they have great user interfaces and after the initial set-up it takes minimal work to stay up to date with changes. Plus with some sites you have a unique way to respond to customer feedback and connect with people.

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