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Top 5 Factors For Increasing Mobile Retail ROI

Mobile access, technology and usage is growing in leaps and bounds and because of this many retailers are opting to create apps to help be more competitive, which is why we decided to provide our Top 5 Factors for increasing mobile retail ROI to help both those businesses that have developed a retail app and those that are looking to.

So what do you need to consider so that your app stands up and stands out properly?

Top Factors for +ROI on your Mobile App

  • Be Scalable – This is the most important aspect of not only design but your ability to generate the highest ROI possible. If your app cannot handle high usage during special sales dates like Labor Day, Christmas, New Year’s, etc then you are not only going to lose business but also customer loyalty. Customer-facing solutions need to be scalable.
  • Get Personal – The best type of user experience is a personalized one because it makes people feel special. How do you accomplish this? The answer is to have analytics in place along with recommendation engines that track user behaviors to craft profiles. These profiles then can be used to suggest products or offer specific coupons based on interests, buying history and any other data you can get your hands on. Up-selling and cross-selling are two wonderful benefits of personalized retail apps that need to be taken advantage of!
  • Integrate Socially – Many shoppers, especially younger demographics, use social media as an endorsement for brands and purchases. You want to ensure your app is fully integrated with Facebook and other social medial channels so your customers can share experiences, deals and stories to not only provide positive brand awareness but also to help organically grow your customer base.
  • Be Secure – Data security is paramount as if you have a breach of any sort your credibility is shot. You need multiple layers of security to prevent unauthorized access and to ensure that both customer and corporate data stay safe at all times. This is an area you simply cannot be cheap with as customer trust at the online retail level is directly related the protection of personal information.
  • Use that Data – One nice thing about analytics and a personalized experience is that you are regularly collecting data on customers. This helps you understand them as a group better and can then be used to not only improve their experience but also improving your apps’ features and marketing plans geared towards obtaining new customers. Don’t let that data go to waste! Use it and help keep your product and marketing fresh which in turn increases customer happiness and loyalty.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that the retail segment is becoming more and more competitive. One of the best ways to stay ahead of the game is by not only designing an app that provides an innovative experience but also by fostering customer loyalty. Keeping our 5 factors for increasing mobile retail ROI in your mind when building or redesigning your app is a sure fire way of accomplishing this which will help pad your bottom line.

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