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Top 3 Ways to Convert Website Visitors into Customers

Do people visit your website only to leave within a few seconds? Are your social media posts getting ignored? Is your business is being overlooked online? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you aren’t alone. But, you won’t have to be part of that group much longer after reading our top 3 ways to convert website visitors into customers.

Getting traffic is often the initial focus of a business owner. You spend time learning about search engine optimization and how to better boost your traffic flow. But then what? That is the big key; getting that traffic to convert!

So what is the best way to go about this?

Understanding a conversion

What is a conversion? By definition it is an action based on needs. For example, when you buy food it is based on the need to eat. Here are some common types of conversions:

  • Purchase of an item or service
  • Submission to a contact form
  • Subscribing to a newsletter
  • Clicking on an ad
  • Sharing an article or blog or commenting
  • Enter social media contests

There are more that can be added depending on the business, but you get the idea; actions you want to get visitors to take.

Understanding your target

Okay, so now you know what you want people to do. They next step is to fully understand your target. While many people are happy enough to define a target in a simple manner such as, “Single female, age 25 to 35, who has a professional job,” but is that really enough?

If it was, then you wouldn’t be reading this article. You need to dig deeper into the target and really understand them. Where do they hang out? How do they spend their time? What do they find interesting? What makes them take action or prompts a decision?

You need to understand what it takes to satisfy your target’s needs from a more psychological perspective. Going back to the earlier example of buying food to satisfy the need of eating, think about where you would go? The answer depends on the situation (grocery shopping, eating out, time of day) and understanding you as a consumer.

Having a virtual profile of your target, which can be discovered with analytics and research, is critical to then budging your targets in the direction you want them to go.

Top 3 Ways to Create Conversions

Did you know that the typical conversion rate is 3% or less? That means only 3 out of every 100 visitors do what you want! Why?

Generally speaking if people aren’t doing what you want it is because you aren’t motivating them properly. That means you are: not providing direction, not being clear, not being relevant, or not providing them something they see as valuable.

What you should be doing:

Increase trust – There are 4 reasons someone won’t buy from you; no need, no money, no hurry or no trust. This idea has been highly touted by Zig Ziglar the sales guru and still holds true. If you don’t trust someone it is hard to want to do business with them. So, one way to increase conversions is to build trust. This can be done by:

  • Creating website credibility with testimonials, articles in well-known or respected publications, awards, citations or anything else that is verifiable which shows your business as one to be confidence in.
  • Show that you are a real business. List a physical address, include a Bio Page with photos of key employees, include a photo of your office, or show your local memberships with organizations like a Chamber of Commerce. Show that you are a real business and not some quasi-corporation that is actually based out of India.
  • Showcase your expertise. People want to turn to experts for questions and services. List credentials of employees, showcase your business partners if they are credible, and show off affiliations to respected organizations.
  • Make contact easy. Have a clear contact page with phone numbers, physical address and email addresses prominently displayed.
  • Update your site regularly. Updated sites add credibility and trust because they are current which means you are here, now.
  • Look professional. Your website should be professional, useful and easy to use with no errors. Spelling issues, broken links, amateur-looking sites, pop-up banners, blinking ads and the like simply do not seem professional.

Make it easy to complete a conversion – People should not have a hard time doing what you want them to do. Your goal should be to make it easy as possible by creating a site that is intuitive and self-evident so they can get from Point A to Action B in a couple of clicks.

  • Guide users to actions you want them to take. Make the primary step stand out on a page.
  • Limit options. If you present people with too many choices the easier it is for them to choose nothing. If you sell too many products, use filters to limit what is displayed to what they really need.
  • Limit fields on forms. Signing up via Facebook or Google is a wonderful option because it is a single click affair. If you are using forms limit fields for information and never ask for something you don’t need; if the form is a hassle the person will leave.
  • Never force people into actions. Give people the option of creating a user account or logging in as a guest and never require that people sign up to buy something.
  • Offer free shipping. This might seem crazy, but free shipping is a huge motivation for a large percentage of buyers.

Create a clear value – Why should people buy from you or sign up for your newsletter?  What is the value for them? You need to have a good value proposition for both your company and product that shows someone why you are better than the competitors.

  • What is unique about your offering? Think about what makes your company better than Joe Schmoe or why your product is better than his. You can match someone else on almost every aspect, but what is the area you are better?
  • Communicate your value! No matter how good that difference is it needs to be communicated properly to your target audience in a well-crafted single sentence.
  • Test your value proposition! Even if you think it is perfect you still need to see how it resonates with your target group and then even be adjusted if necessary.

The Bottom Line

The simplest way to boost your sales is not by garnering more traffic, but simply making the most of what traffic you have. If you currently have a conversion rate of 2% and you increase it even just 1% you have increased business by 50%!

By understanding what a conversion is, in-depth understanding of your target and applying our top 3 ways to convert website visitors into customers, you can expect your conversion rate to improve which equals a better bottom line!

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