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Top 3 Reasons Your Content Is Failing To Create Buzz

Having great website content, either on social media outlets or your business’s site, offers a fantastic way to show not only your expertise in the industry but also helps promote your marketing message and showcase the people behind your business. However plenty of companies out there are trying and failing to deliver results with what they create which is why we want to share our Top 3 reasons your content is failing to create buzz.

Buzz is where it is at in the content world right now. You need people to be talking about and sharing that content you have so painstakingly created to get the results you are looking for. So, let’s get to it!

Reasons your Content Stinks

  • Unoriginal – Original content is the lifeblood of success. In this information age people are eager to learn about something new whether it is a completely new idea or looking at something from another angle. This is especially important when that original content is coming from a trusted source that is experienced in their field and can speak as an authority. Original ideas can quickly create buzz and excitement while an idea that is less original or even a re-tread has a hard time gaining the exposure you want. Of course you can’t always create something 100% original, but with every idea you turn into content it should have your voice and perspective to go with it.

Not only are you providing useful information with your original content, but you are also increasing the reputation of your business and brand. For those businesses that don’t have the resources in-house for quality content creation, consider outsourcing. However if you do go this route make sure that the content still speaks with your brand’s voice.

  • Lacking Value – Through the use of blogs, articles and whitepapers your company can offer value to not only current but also future customers. However, this value proposition must be clear to the reader at all times. What is it that you are providing to them? How does this fulfill a current need or perceived need? You have to take the time to fully understand who your audience is and what all of their problems and need are.

Every time you consider an idea for content you have to determine if it provides value to your target audience. For example, for the website Funny or Die the goal of content is fairly straightforward; be funny to the widest audience possible. They should not be providing opinion pieces on the state of the economy in Greece or DIY videos on how to build a chicken coop; although if Will Ferrell was doing either one I bet it would be pretty funny.

  • Uninteresting – Last but not least is how interesting your content is. Boring content does not get fully read, shared, or commented on because people either bounce away or fall asleep trying to read it. You don’t want to be known as the site that provides articles that make for a wonderful sleep aid. Have people preview your content and provide honest feedback about how exciting or boring the content is and then make adjustments as needed. Even the best topic can become a snooze-fest when presented badly.

The Bottom Line

Of course there is more to having success with content than just the three items outlined such as using the right platform, the timing of your delivery, and ensuring you target and retarget people properly. With that being said, if you don’t have great content, even having the best delivery system in place will not magically make that content any better or more interesting. So consider our top 3 reasons your content is failing to create buzz before you sit down for your next content meeting and see what improvements you can make that will help make your content better than it currently is.

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