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Top 3 Calls To Action Tips For Your Emails

When you send out a marketing email one of the key components is your CTA which is why we wanted to share our Top 3 Calls to Action tips for your emails.

Creating a subscriber list is only one part of the email marketing battle. The other, more crucial part is crafting emails that then get people to convert. Calls-to-action or CTAs are the key component of that conversion because they are what asks a person to take the next step, which is one step closer to a sale.

So how can you increase those clicks?

Top 3 CTA Tips

Words matter more than you think – It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. That pretty much sums up our entire point about using words in your CTA’s. Far too many people just write something they feel gets the point across and never actually take the time to come up with alternatives AND then test them against each other to see which one is the most effective solution.

An example would be using the term “Buy Now” compared to “View Deals”. The first term forces a decision at that point. A person has to ask themselves, “Do I want to buy now?” You are making them commit in a way. The second term requires less commitment or in essence a much lower pressure decision. If someone wants something they will go get it. If someone is unsure they will avoid commitment until they are sure. Using the right language can help make a person feel safer or less pressured.

Other examples would be terms like “Learn more”, “See how this works”, “View options” or “Check out this demo”. In all these examples there is no pressure to commit compared to saying “Let’s get started” or “Click now to subscribe”. You don’t need to close a deal in an email. The purpose of the email is to get them to your site where you can actually make a transaction happen.

Just like real estate, it is all about location – Have you ever tested to see where the highest click rate it for CTA’s in an email? If not, don’t feel bad because most people haven’t. Testing has shown that CTA’s on the left predominately outperform those on the right however those on the bottom get more attention than both left and right combined. Why do you think that is?

The logical answer is that a great email that inspires a click-through on a CTA is a path that the reader follows to a conclusion. If you try and interrupt the story with a call to early it is less likely to get the click-through because you haven’t created a compelling enough reason for the reader yet.

So what does this tell you? Ideally you want your primary CTA at the bottom of the page. If you are going to place a secondary CTA in an email the left side is the better location because most everyone starts reading from the left side and therefore people are less likely to skip the CTA even when skimming if it is on the left side.

Use buttons that are obvious – Would you be disappointed to find out that your CTA was missed because people simply didn’t know exactly where to click? It happens which is a sad but true fact. Some people get so caught up in the design aspect that they fail to realize other people simply don’t know where they should be clicking!

So how can you ensure this doesn’t happen? Make the buttons very obvious without being obnoxious. For example, you can highlight a button using a slightly different color scheme or even and arrow that points from the message to the call.

You can also avoid the words people constantly overlook in your buttons and CTA choices. Because people have seen these words so many times in various types of ads they naturally gloss over them. The words are things like Buy, Give, Invest, Donate, Support and Sign Up. Think of how many times you see these words in ads, mail, e-mail and the like and how quickly you gloss over them.

On the flipside words like Discover, Earn, Find Out, Contribute or other terms that basically mean the same thing will get more attention. The combination of the right words highlighted properly will increase clicks.

The bottom line

Email marketing is a very effective method of attracting business. However, like all types of marketing it can be improved upon by looking to make small adjustments and tweaks that will result in a final product that resonates better with your target audience. Our top 3 calls to action tips for your emails are examples of the types of adjustments you should look to make that will increase that important click-thru rate which in turn will result in a more profitable bottom line.

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