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Top 10 Worst Website Designs

How do you know if something is pretty? The easiest way is to put something really ugly next to it for comparison. That might seem harsh but honestly that is the type of environment the web is. People cruise to so many sites that a badly designed one sticks out just as much as one that is great to look at.

The main difference is that you actually want to stay at the nice looking one.

A bad web design is hardly ever purposeful. Just ask any reputable Website Design Company. Often it is just a case of artistic interpretation gone wrong; or really bad taste. Of course that is one of the reasons to hire a professional designer over doing it yourself. Professionals have experience with design and not what to do, and more importantly what not to do when making a site. For those people that think even in this advanced digital age with cookie-cutter web design creators available that you still can’t find a putrid site…just look at our list below.

Worst Websites

  1. The Afterlife –
  2. Constellation 7 –
  3. JamiLinBLOG –
  4. Bavarian Brathouse –
  5. Pennyjuice –
  6. Mercia Tourist Board –
  8. Wet Water Equipment –
  9. Water Services Ltd. –
  10. Leoneck Hotel –


Click Here to See the Best Web Designs

Are these the 10 worst ever? For sure these are contenders for the worst web sites in 2012. The Afterlife and Constellation sites are both so graphically awful to look upon that it makes me think that is what those poor people saw when Indian Jones opened the Arc of the Covenant.

What We Learned

By looking at these awful sites we can learn quite a few things:

  • Pages that have too much going on can cause people to immediately click away
  • Moving images are distracting
  • Backgrounds shouldn’t take away from the message
  • Using the same image over and over is very annoying
  • Sites should not require you to install a bunch a plug-ins to work properly

There is a lot more to learn but honestly it is really hard to stay on these sites; having style matters. A site should be pleasing and instantly give you a feeling about what the site is providing or trying to accomplish. It should not make you wonder what the designer was thinking or constantly distract your eyes to look everywhere but where the important message is.

Remember, a website is a representation of you and/or your business. What type of message are you trying to send? So take the time to carefully plan out your site or simply have a professional do it. Then review the site with friends and peers to get honest feedback. You goal is business on the web, not to end up in an article like this.

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