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Top 10 Coolest Tech Gadgets For The Holidays

With the calendar turning to November that means Christmas is just around the corner making this the perfect time to provide our list of the Top 10 Coolest tech gadgets for the holidays.

Christmas can be tough sometimes as finding the perfect gift for a loved one can be hard. Luckily this year there are a host of fantastic tech gadgets and toys to make everyone happy.

Top 10 Tech Gifts

  • Extended Smartphone Batteries – A hot new craze is extended smartphone battery packs to help your device stay powered for days at a time. A few of our favorites are the Morhpie Juice Packs and PowerSkin which both are charging cases for the smartphone. While they do add a little extra heft to your device, they can provide 100% or more extra battery power (depending on model) to your iPhone, Android device or Windows phone.
  • Smartwatches – While this was a “hot” gift last year, this year the smartwatches are a much more useful gift. Along with the Apple Watch which has received plenty of attention, other developers have stepped up their game to provide highly functional options that can truly make life better for the user. Motorola has their Moto 360, Asus has a nice watch for under $200, and Samsung, Sony and Pebble are also in the game. With a load of styles and price points, a smartwatch is now truly a great gift idea for 2015.
  • Portable Speakers – Technology is a great thing. Gone are the days when you had to hardwire outdoor speakers or have fancy systems set up to allow enjoyment of music from anywhere. Now with a plethora of great options from Jawbone, Logitech, Sony or Skullcandy you can enjoy music anytime and anywhere using your smartphone, tablet or laptop as the controlling device. With variable price points depending on the size of the speaker you want there are tons of options out there to choose from.
  • Fitness Bands – Wearable tech is becoming more and more common. While gadgets like the Fitbit and Jawbone have been around they keep evolving becoming as powerful as a smartwatch without the watch. For fitness enthusiasts or even those who casually enjoy staying in shape, the ability of fitness bands to track so many useful aspects and provide important data make them a great gift for anyone who is health conscious.
  • Voyage – This gift moves up in price point, but for those who love digital reading it is well worth it. Amazon’s Voyage is like a small book that features a fantastic 300 pixels-per-inch screen that is easy to read. You can flick your wrist to turn pages which is perfect for those who love the idea of a real page-turner. Also the lighting options are much improved which allows easy reading under any conditions. For those who don’t feel like shelling out $200 or more there is also the Kindle Fire HD 6 which has dropped to $99 for the holidays.
  • Nest Learning Thermostat – Not just for gadget geeks, the Nest Learning Thermostat is the type of device that is perfect for any homeowner that wants to not only save money on their bills but also enjoys a device that makes life better. Nest learns what a user likes and then programs itself accordingly to heat or cool the living space just the way you want. Just like Santa Claus, it knows when you are sleeping and when you are awake, which might seem a little creepy until you see how much money it can save you. Also with app connectivity you can adjust the settings from your home office, bedroom or the couch as long as you have a device handy.
  • Gamer Headsets – Yes the PS4 or X-Box One are great gifts along with the hottest new games, but you know what else most gamers now need? Gamer headsets! Logitech makes a great entry level option with their G230 for $35 and styles and prices go up from there. These days’ gamers need to be able to communicate with other gamers on the host of online multi-player games that are immensely popular.
  • Drones – They come in all shapes and sizes from Millennium Falcon models to quad-copters with HD video cameras to simple half-ounce copters. Great for all ages and price points these toys put the remote control cars most adults remember as gifts when they were kids to shame. Fly a kite? I don’t think so, not with all these great drone options!
  • Headphones – Music is a wonderful thing to enjoy but not everyone likes what you are playing which is why headphones have become so popular. While Beats by Dre might be affordable for some gift-givers, for the rest of us there are some wonderful options on the market from Sony, Skullcandy, Plantronics and more. Headphones now can do everything from NFC to multipoint connections
  • Google Chromecast – Not everyone feels like investing in a Roku-enabled or smart TV and the Chromecast wireless streaming stick means you don’t have to. For $35 you can help anyone upgrade their existing TV as long as it has a USB connector to allow them access to Netflix, Pandora and a host of other streams directly from a laptop, smartphone or tablet.

The bottom line is that tech gadgets are always great gifts. Our list of the Top 10 Coolest tech Gadgets for the holidays are a great blueprint to ensure that everyone on your holiday list are happy and content after their gifts have been opened.


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