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Top 10 Coolest Tech Gadgets for the Holidays

With just a few weeks left until Christmas now is the perfect time to share our list of the Top 10 Coolest Tech Gadgets for the holidays to help people complete (or start) their Christmas shopping. As a mobile app developer and web design firm, we have quite a few people who are considered “techies” and they are regularly searching out and trying the newest, most interesting items on the market for both work and play.

To help those in need with gift ideas, we wanted to share that knowledge to provide some excellent options for the tech lover in your life. Each year brings a bounty of fun and cool new gadgets and toys and this list comprises those we feel are the most appealing across multiple market segments without breaking the bank.

Top 10 Tech Gadgets for the Holidays

  1. Amazon Echo Dot – The 2nd generation version of this product is a great way to dip your toe into the smart device world. You can pick it up for $29.99 and that is a pretty amazing price for a smart speaker that is better at hearing you and smarter than its first gen counterpart. An added bonus is that you can connect to an existing audio setup with it.
  2. Roku Streaming Stick Plus – Streaming sticks are a great way to up your TV game and the Plus provides 4K and HDR video in a small package at a great price. The design is old-school, which might not appeal to everyone, but the simple style keeps the focus on the features which includes better search than anything else on the market along with more 4k HDR apps than competitors. You can get it right now from Amazon for just $69.99.
  3. Nintendo Switch – Each year brings a hot portable gaming system that people clamor over and the Switch is this year’s top prize. With awesome games like Super Mario Odyssey and Zelda: Breath of the Wild this portable system is great for travel and can be easily connected to your TV. There are a few minor drawbacks such as setting up multiplayer online, but the ever growing number of games like Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Thumper and Fast RMX is making up for it. For the gamers on your list, this is a great choice.
  4. Bose SoundLink Micro – If you are looking for a pocket-sized speaker that packs a lot of punch then you should look no further. Bose is well known for high quality sound and this micro Bluetooth speaker fits that mold. It is fully waterproof, has a built-in microphone for speakerphone calls and is easily the best sounding speaker in its size class. People will be amazed at the sound quality and punch that this little guy provides. The only downside is an average battery life. You can find this speaker in numerous locations including Walmart for only $109.
  5. Sennheiser HD 4.50 Headphones – To be honest both Bose and Sony offer wireless noise-canceling headphones that are a bit better than this product. However, these are available for just $199 while the Bose and Sony products are $349 and $299 respectively. They have received solid reviews from CNET and other outlets for great sound with a decent battery life while not breaking the bank.
  6. Ecobee4 – Is dad tired of getting up to reset the thermostat after everyone changes it? Maybe it is time for a Smart Thermostat that includes a built-in Amazon Alexa speaker. For $249 this is the best smart thermostat on the market and can be integrated with every major smart home platform on the market. A smart thermostat is one of the easiest ways to save energy and subsequently money making it a good investment along with a great present.
  7. Vizio SB3621 – Most televisions offer sound that is subpar in comparison to the picture quality and other technological advances. To offset this issue, we recommend Vizio’s SB3621 which is a sound bar and wireless sub combo that provides great sound and is easily set up. At a price of only $114 it really can’t be beat without jumping up a few hundred dollars in cost.
  8. Amazon Fire HD 8 – If you want a cheap tablet that isn’t cheap in quality then the Fire HD 8 fits the bill. For only $79.99 you can get a great entry level tablet with solid performance and options including a bigger battery and good sound. If you happen to have Amazon Prime then your device will be able to access a ton of free music, videos and other content via the subscription.
  9. BioLite CampStove 2 – Do you know someone who likes to go to the great outdoors and keep their devices charged while doing it? If so then this remarkable camp stove is the perfect gift. This small camp stove burns wood which can be used for boiling water and more while also converting some of that heat to energy for charging your gadgets. You can get this BioLite stove for just $129.
  10. Fitbit Ionic Smartwatch – If you are looking for a good smartwatch option you can’t go wrong with the Ionic. At $299 the price point is less than Apple and Samsung’s flagship products and you get a bunch of great features such as an accurate heart-rate tracker, GPS, and guided workouts. You can install apps on it, make payments and receive notifications from your smartphone plus it is fully waterproof. For the fitness people on your list, this is a fantastic option.

The bottom line is that tech gifts are always a great gift idea, especially for Christmas. Our Top 10 Coolest Tech Gadgets for the Holidays offer some excellent ideas to ensure that everyone you are shopping for this year will be happy and content after the ribbons and wrapping paper have been torn open.

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