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Top 10 Best Website Designs of 2017

As 2017 winds down we are taking the time to look back and see all the amazing websites that astounded and astonished us. Top web design companies work very hard each year to craft unique, highly functional and effective designs that are considered better than all the rest with the ability to keep people engaged. For us, these are the Top 10 Best Website Designs of 2017 that are inspiring not only for how they have approached the design, but also how it was executed to benefit the users of the site.

Top 10 Web Designs of 2017

  1. Google Play: Play the World – Just to be clear, Google is not being listed first because of their prominence in this industry. They are listed first because this year Stink Studios crafted a site that offers superior navigation and site structure which in turns creates an amazing user experience, which is one of the most important aspects of a great design. This site does a great job of promoting the incredibly unique idea of Play the World, which showcases actual locations related to iconic movie scenes. You can be at the location and then watch the movie scene while being in the same location as the actors.
  2. Milwaukee Ballet – This website has one of the best home pages we have seen. The loading screen is interesting before it moves to a stark background combined with the dancer imagery. It is simple, urban and engaging letting you know exactly what the site is about. While the rest of the site is tremendous, the home page is what sets the tone for the entire experience.
  3. AppleApple’s website offers an unparalleled user experience that was crafted by a combination of innovative designs with functionality that is useful and intuitive. It is simple and clean yet elegant with a landing page that clearly identifies where you are. The interface works well no matter the device you connect with and navigation is straightforward. This is an example of all around excellent design that places the focus firmly where Apple always has; with the user.
  4. Welcome to Hogwarts – Regardless of whether you are a fan of the Harry Potter franchise or not, this website has much to explore. Pottermore launched a fully interactive web experience that celebrates the first day of term at Hogwarts. For businesses within the entertainment industry, this site is an excellent example of what can be accomplished on the web to engage and entice users.
  5. iFly KLM 50This website was created for the anniversary edition of iFly KLM Magazine and they did a phenomenal job of raising the bar for visual design. The imagery is not only beautiful but also touches an emotional and sensory level with users. The site showcases the 50 best places to travel and does so with a guided tour that is both visual and auditory. The video explorations are not to be missed.
  6. K-gari – This site showcases a 10 minute interactive documentary. It follows one of Australia’s first fake news stories and combines a strong message with great visuals and audio for an immersive experience. As the story unfolds the user moves the story along via actions such as clicking on screen to create flashes of lighting.
  7. Through the Dark – If you want to see what a designer can accomplish with interactive motion, look no further than this website which can most easily be described as being immersed in a highly artistic, animated music video. The story chronicles a musicians time with his young son during chemotherapy and the combination of the haunting lyrics and visuals creates a dramatic combination.
  8. KIKK Festival 2017 – KIKK is an international festival of digital and creative cultures. This website showcases the festival with amazing imagery while providing the essential information the users will be looking for. The functionality combined with the artistic display truly matches the tenor of the event.
  9. 16 Girls, 16 Stories of ResistanceThis site not only showcases an amazing story, but does it through the use of photographic imagery to tell the story in a way that is powerful and memorable. The images are so vibrant and clear it is almost as if you are standing in front of the women represented on the site. The combination of images and copy is simply yet highly effective to the message.
  10. Emmit Fenn – Emmit Fenn is a musical artist within the genre of indie electronica. This site was created to promote his Prologue EP release and is an excellent example of promotion that showcases the style of the artist. You can enjoy his music while soothing, animated visuals play in harmony with the songs. The site makes excellent use of white space and also navigation options to connect to social media and other sites to purchase the music.

The most important takeaway we have from reviewing the Best Website Designs of 2017 is inspiration. There are various ideas and concepts available for a business to utilize to craft a memorable design that is highly effective while also being unique and functional.

There are always numerous websites that are deserving of making the ranks of the best of the best each year. We used a criterion that combines design, creativity, usability and content when we created this list of the Top 10 Best Website Designs of 2017 because those are the most highly valued aspects of a complete web design.

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