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Top 10 Best Website Designs Of 2016

As 2016 draws to a close we are taking the time to look back and see all the great websites that “wowed” and amazed us. Top web design companies work very hard each year to craft unique, highly functional and effective designs that are considered the best of the best with the ability to keep people engaged. For us, these are the Top 10 Best Website Designs of 2016 that are notable for their excellence in how they have approached and executed each site.

The Top 10 Best Website Designs

  1. The GuardianThe Guardian news site is exactly the type of site you want to develop for a phenomenal user experience as a news reader. The combination of functionality and innovation don’t exactly jump out at you when you land on the site, but it is a subtly effective site that loads quickly and has intuitive navigation no matter what device you are using to connect with for your news. An effective color scheme helps highlight each section easily.
  2. Falter’s Inferno – This is a very unique site that takes you on a journey, showcasing some of the best things we can do with the web from an artistic viewpoint. Incredible visuals and sounds combine together to take you someplace unexpected and distinctive with every click.
  3. National Geographic – This particular website is a special issue on climate change and easily has one of the best home pages ever designed. The imagery, navigation, fonts and color choices provide clear messaging and direction. Really, this site sets a standard for excellence.
  4. SYFY Magicians – This site is a very fun concept where at first it feels like you landed on a website promoting a university but then realize it is actually promoting a television show. The rotating images tell the brief story that provides a wonderful hook to encourage exploration with the “start button” placed front and center. Next you find yourself immersed in this visual presentation and directly spoken to. The design concepts are first rate along with all the building blocks of the site itself.
  5. AssessYourRisk – The site org is easily one of the best examples of a user interface design that excels. While some might view the site as simplistic, in its own way this site is setting an industry standard for a user interface because of how seamless the entire journey is for a user. Options are clear and direct with fast-loading page changes, which make using the site easy with clicks and drags to find out what your risk is for cancer while also providing important information on the topic.
  6. The War of 1996 – This is the type of site you don’t end up at on accident, but once you are there it is astounding. This site was created to promote Independence Day Resurgence and is a stunning display of visuals creating an immersive, game-like experience. This is an excellent example of what we can do on the web from an interactive and display perspective.
  7. NYT Voyages – The New York Times Voyages site is a stellar example of what you can do with photos and moving imagery. The landing page alone is exceptional as you have an amazing view that starts your journey, teasing you with the potential of what you might find within. This is a site that has to be seen to be believed and that people will share just for the use of photographical images.
  8. Netflix – How can you go wrong with Netflix which is a site that has had a huge impact on people everywhere? The speed of the site is fantastic. It starts with simple navigation options which quickly expands based on the direction you are going and the site is so easy to use anyone can get up and running within a few minutes with a new account. Effective is one of the best words to describe this site.
  9. ResnResn is a European-based web designer that utilizes their homepage as an example of the ingenuity you can bring to the web. Clicking and holding the main image allows you to move and transform what you see into a seamless explosion of activity and depth. Navigation is easily found while music and the color palette choices help set the tone for the entire site. This is a site that must be explored with the journey being remarkable.
  10. Performing Arts – The site Performing Arts from the Google Cultural Institute is exactly what you would expect from Google; near technical perfection. Behind the scenes this site is amazing using new, innovative web technology that provides users with amazing overall experience, even if they have no idea how they are seeing and using what is provided.

Our intentions are always to be fair when we evaluate all of the wonderful and amazing sites out there. We used a criterion that combines design, creativity, usability and content when we created this list of the Top 10 Best Website Designs of 2016 because those are the key aspects of any well crafted site.

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