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Top 10 Best Mobile App Designs

If you are looking at designing a mobile app or having one created for you it is a very worthwhile exercise to take stock of some of the truly exceptional designs already on the market such as those we have included in our list of the Top 10 best design Mobile Apps.

Mobile apps come in all shapes and sizes these days with thousands of new offerings hitting Google Play and the Apple Store weekly. In an already crowded marketplace what does it take to stand out? Our Top 10 list includes the type of attention to detail, user interface design, creativity, usefulness and functionality the not only garners downloads but impresses users.

Here are the Top 10 Mobile Apps we think exemplify excellence in design:

  • Wire – There are too many messaging apps on the market already which is why we actually stood up and took notice when Wire came along. The crisp lines and simple yet elegant functionality was not lost on us or the multitude of users that jumped on the Wire bandwagon.
  • WeTransfer – If you like the idea of Dropbox then you will love the functionality of WeTransfer. The file sharing website created a mobile app that is effortless to understand and use. It looks good, is extremely useful and has a seamless functionality that is hard to beat.
  • Facebook Paper – Did you miss this Facebook app? If so you aren’t alone, but it makes the list not because of popularity but because it was simply the most beautiful user interface the titan ever created. The iOS app has more of a magazine or newspaper app feel and is just a marvelous creation.
  • Over – Imagine if Instagram had a child that was totally into customizable design. Basically you can take photographs stored on your phone and apply graphic design elements to them for modified and original designs. The layout and functions is top notch and combined with this original idea equals app gold.
  • Starbucks – The retail giant hit this one out of the ballpark. The app covers it all from rewards to downloads to account history. With simple but effective navigation and options, this is the blueprint for a fun, easy to use retail based app that will give a customer exactly what they need on their mobile device to enhance the product.
  • SciPlay – This ingenious app turns a playground into a physics lesson in seconds. The idea behind it is that children can learn about science through play. Videos can be recorded and then lenses are applied to examine what is happening in the recording.
  • Monument Valley – This is a game, which is an app, and the reason for the inclusion in this list is pure beauty. It is billed and an illusory adventure of impossible architecture and it lives up to that billing. Winner of multiple game and design awards, this app pushes the boundaries on what you can do on a handheld device.
  • Yahoo News Digest – One of the biggest internet players strikes again with an outstanding design that is ridiculously easy to use with a high level of functionality. Aside from the actual news it provides, the app runs smoothly and utilizes speed and graphics to quickly allow you access to what you want.
  • Taasky – Just another task list? Yes and no. Based on a minimalist concept it makes to-do lists colorful and interesting rather than a boring chore. It is very customizable for multiple needs and is designed extremely well doing everything you would want an app to do in this genre.
  • Miximal – Fun and goofy, this app combines creativity and functionality to create an interactive flipbook of cartoon animals that will lighten anyone’s day. The app is meant for parents to entertain toddlers and babies with or to let their kids play with, but it sure is fun for adults too and it is made incredibly well.

While these mobile apps all share numerous aspects of design that are now becoming the standard requirements for greatness, they also are all distinctive. So when you consider our Top 10 Best Design Mobile Apps, either for inspiration on a future project or because you love apps, take the time to marvel at their uniqueness and attention to detail that sets them apart from the crowd.

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