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Top 10 Apps To Help Make The Most Of Business Travel

One of the many ways in which mobile devices have made life better is in the realm of travel and if you take advantage of our top 10 apps to help make the most of business travel, your next trip might just be the most enjoyable!

Of course there have always been lots of apps out there, but the problem is in the sheer number to sift through before you find those gems that provide you with the services you need. Luckily we have taken the time to do that sifting and now you simply get to reap the rewards of that effort.

Without further adieu…

Top 10 Apps for Business Travel

As a side note, some of these are just great travel apps to have regardless of whether the trip is for business or pleasure.

  • Uber – This is one of the best apps for people who live in most major metro areas so the inclusion on this list shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Using Uber is cheaper than a taxi and much more convenient than renting a car which makes it a great option for business travelers that often only need limited transportation in a city.
  • Google Docs – Another must have for your mobile device is Google Docs to ensure you didn’t forget anything at the office. It is also a great option to allow you to ditch the laptop because you can access all of your files and documents on your mobile device, share them and even edit them.
  • Evernote – This is another great travel app that many people already use for business. Why for travel? It is perfect for storing links, photos, videos and such when browsing online while waiting for your plane and can keep track of everything from receipts to meeting locations for your trip.
  • AroundMe – This is an excellent travel app for people who want to quickly find locations of standard needs in a neighborhood. Everything from tourist spots to nightspots with banks and grocery stores as well can be found including distance, directions and contact information. Simply put, this is an indispensible travel aid.
  • Yelp – Another popular all-around app is Yelp and with good reason, it provides real reviews at restaurants that can make choosing a dining option much easier. Then you have easy directions to get where you want to go to satisfy your hunger. Often travelers visit chain restaurants because they know what they will get, but miss out on great local spots in towns they visit.
  • WeatherPro – This is simply the best weather app on the market that covers over two million locations around the globe. Accurate forecasts are a critical component of any good trip to ensure you are dressed comfortably no matter what Mother Nature is doing.
  • Localeur – Some business travelers like to get out and explore cities when given the chance and Localeur is a website and app that gives you the local perspective as recommendations are provided from people in that city. This can lead to some great finds for places to go, things to see and fun to be had!
  • Quizlet – For those who travel abroad and need to brush up on language, Quizlet is the perfect app to study on the go. It works by using flashcard sets of key phrases to help you study what you need to know to get around.
  • Skype – Traveling abroad or in areas where your phone coverage reverts to roaming can mean expensive phone calls. Enter Skype, which with a Wifi connection allows you to make calls for 2 cents a minute. It is perfect to make local reservations or chat with the kids back at home.
  • GateGuru – For those who fly this app is wonderful for those hubs you aren’t familiar with. They provide info on the services available by either terminal or service type which is much better than the maps at the airports themselves. In some cases you can even find discounts or deals. There are also ratings and reviews provided by members of the GateGuru community which can be helpful when in a new terminal.

Travel, whether for business or pleasure, can be stressful. Not knowing where to go, how to find things, or even what to do when you have a few extra hours can be irritating and worrying but with these top 10 apps to help make the most of business travel you can make your travel time much more relaxing and enjoyable.

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