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The Top 3 Marketing Concepts You Must Embrace In 2017

Every year people start off January with the best intentions for how they are going to live, act and what they want to accomplish; this year should be no different. Along with all of those resolutions you make on the personal front, it is also time to focus on the business front. As a top web development company, we feel that these are the Top 3 Marketing Concepts you must embrace in 2017 if you are going to have a successful year online.

Much like a resolution, business concepts can’t just be made up of good intentions because those have a tendency to pave the road to nowhere.

Marketing Concepts you Must Embrace

  • Know Thy Audience – Understanding who your audience is and what they want is just as important as the products or services you want to sell to them. Although this concept has been around for decades, far too many businesses simply ignore it thinking that their products or services are good enough to sell themselves. In today’s ultra-competitive world that is simply not the case. You need to know everything from age to gender to buying power to favorite social media platform to what problem they have to political affiliation to….do we need to keep going on? This knowledge then allows you to customize your marketing to speak directly to them.
  • Learn New Platforms – Marketing takes place on multiple platforms and channels and you need to be able to market where your customers are. However many people in marketing tend to stick with what they know, regardless if it is the most effective medium to reach potential clients. If you want to succeed in marketing you need to learn new platforms and technologies, period. You can’t ignore something just because you don’t know how to utilize it because you can bet at least one of your competitors will take the time to learn and benefit from that knowledge.
  • Develop a Voice – Having a voice in marketing is a key component of success. Why? The world is a busy, loud place filled with brands and voices, many of which become monotonous background noise; that should not be your goal. A voice means the words you use and the tone you employ allow other people to easily, or instantly, recognize your blogs, posts and captions. A good brand voice helps attract people to your business and is an important part of your marketing.

The bottom line is that every year represents a fresh opportunity for a business to be a success. It doesn’t matter if last year was extremely fruitful or an undeniable failure; the time is now when it comes to making this year and your business a winner. So review our Top 3 Marketing Concepts you need to embrace in 2017 and unlike that resolution about going to the gym five days a week, make sure these concepts stick for the whole year; your business will thank you for it.

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