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The Top 10 VR Apps On The Market In 2017

Virtual reality is a hot topic these days with enough VR headsets being sold to make the marketplace more enticing to even fledgling app and game designers. As an app design company ourselves, we find it worthwhile to be aware of what other people are creating because from those successful creations we can draw inspiration along with a better understanding of market preferences. After looking at numerous options these are the Top 10 VR Apps on the market in 2017 so far that we feel are truly outstanding and worth checking out.

We are including both Google and Apple apps as a great app is a great app regardless of platform.

Top 10 VR Apps in 2017

  • vTime (both) – This is one of the things we had hoped for with VR, the opportunity for a virtual chat with friends or workers. This free app allows you to create avatars and chat in a variety of environments. One of the best features is that people without headsets can join the party. Why have boring, faceless, conference calls or a choppy video conference when you can be sitting around a virtual campfire by the lake?
  • YouTube (both) – This is an app everyone needs to have with a VR headset. Currently the library of #360video’s in YouTube is small but it is growing daily. Basically you are just downloading the current YouTube app and then clicking on the VR icon after searching for #360video. It is free of course.
  • Relax VR (iPhone) – For people who always want to get away, this is the perfect app. It provides live action scenes from the ocean and beach for a soothing selection of sights and sounds. Perfect for when you want to sit on the patio of your apartment with a drink and tune out the city or to help with meditation. This app is $1.99.
  • Minos Starfighter VR (Google) – This is a first person space shooter where you are flying in the cockpit of a space fighter. The game gets progressively harder but don’t forget to stop and take in the great space visuals now and again. The action can get a little tough when standing but if you have a swivel chair available, like at an office, then you can sit back and blast away. The app is $0.99.
  • Jaunt VR (both) – This is the type of app that allows you to see places and things you might not normally be able to. There are numerous 360-videos that feature different places so you can become a virtual tourist, which is great for people looking to explore an area before committing to a vacation. They also have some movies/TV and such and it’s free.
  • Hidden Temple (both) – This is one of the more exciting puzzle games for VR. It is basically point-and-click looking for items in an ancient temple using your gaze. It is interesting and engaging with incredible graphics which makes the $3.99 price tag acceptable.
  • VR Horror (iPhone) – For those who like to be scared, VR is the perfect way to get creeped out in a small space. VR Horror puts you directly into the action. You will want headphones for the complete experience and perhaps a friend to calm you down afterwards. The app is free.
  • VR Street Jump (both) – Most everyone has heard of the game Frogger. This is basically the same thing but in 3D with you playing the role of the erstwhile frog. It is simple, easy to understand and most of all – fun! An added bonus is that this app is free.
  • Star Wars VR (both) – If you aren’t a Star Wars fan then this app is probably not for you, but it makes our list because we are fans. You get placed in the role of a Resistance Agent on Jakku from The Force Awakens This app is free.
  • Fractal Combat X (iPhone) – Shooter games are very popular as are fighter jet games and this one combines them both. It does support the use of game controllers which is great for added control versus the look to shoot options. With missions added regularly and the option for in-app purchases this one looks like a hit. The app is free and you can play without any purchases.

The bottom line is that VR apps are fun and challenging. This list of the Top 10 VR Apps on the Market in 2017 are a great starting point for new VR users or designers that are interested in some of the capabilities VR has to offer. They are definitely all worth a peek on your headset.

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