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The Top 10 Responsive Web Sites

Responsive web design is a hot trend right now. Many people are familiar with the concept or have at least heard of it; the idea of having a website react to how the user access the site and then scales appropriate no matter what size of interface you use.

Quite honestly it is pretty amazing compared to having two or three separate sites to accomplish the same goal. Of course being familiar with a concept and seeing it executed in an amazing way are two different things. That is why this list of the Top 10 responsive web sites was created; to allow people to really see exactly what is possible with this style of design.

The Big 10

This list is in no particular order. Make sure to adjust your browser size as you view this list to really see how things adapt and change.

  1. Build 2012 –
  2. An Event Apart –
  3. Contents Magazine –
  4. CSS Tricks –
  5. Disney –
  6. Heroku Status –
  7. Microsoft –
  8. Starbucks –
  9. The Shape of Design – write my essayord.html” target=”_blank”>
  10. Time –

This list includes industry titans and leaders along with people that just know what they are doing. It demonstrates that no matter what the goal of your business, using a responsive model is idea to work with the range of screen sizes people will access your site from.

Even something as simple as reading a book in “The Shape of Design” is simple yet so functional as it maintains readability as you scale down in size.

The beauty behind responsive web designs is the ability to simplify something that is already relatively streamlined and really not lose anything vital. There is also a sense of polish and sharpness to all of these sites. The combination of clean lines and good use of contrasting color allows elements to easily standout even as sizes shift.

Oddly enough there are still quite a few larger businesses that aren’t responsive yet. With the amazing growth in both smart phones and tablets not only in the U.S. and Europe but also in emerging markets like China, it is still rather astounding to consider that so many people that haven’t made the switch.

Not on Board?

Maybe you are one of those people that think it really doesn’t matter. Perhaps, but for people who access sites from a small device it really does. Take a quick trip to a free Responsive Web Design Tool at Type in your own web address and then look at how your site appears across multiple screen widths. How do they compare?

It can be rather surprising exactly how much side scrolling a person has to try and do with an unresponsive site. That doesn’t even include dealing with various apps that might not be compatible.

The bottom line is that the world is changing the way it access the web. It makes a lot of sense to change with it rather than resist and try and stick to outdated methods. That would be like wasting a lot of money with a phonebook advertisement. Who even uses a phonebook anymore?

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