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The Top 10 Apps for your E-Commerce Site

Does your site have the tools it needs to close the deal?

There are quite a few steps in creating a successful online presence, especially if part of your goal is sales. Obviously you need to have a visually pleasing site, there needs to be some SEO work and such to ensure people can find you, and you have to have something that people want with a good inventory. But wait…there’s more!

As we recently discussed you need to people engaged when they are on your site. Using triggered emails is one way to react in real time to try and ensure customers don’t just leave their shopping cart. Another option is using great apps on your site to help convert customers on your site into sales.

Before you say, “I don’t need any apps, my site is fine…” let’s look at the statistics. Per Forrester Research, online consumers will increase 15% in the next year and each buyer will spend 44% more over the year compared to the previous. But here is the kicker…the average retail conversion rate is under 5%. People are more than willing to start shopping on a site and then abandon a cart full of items. Why? There is a wide range of reasons such as looking for product reviews which directs to another site, lack of customer service, or even a simple bad shopping cart experience.

That is where the apps come in.

There is a slew of great apps for businesses of all sizes that can help find customers, keep customers happy, and track everything that you do to not only help increase that abysmal conversion rate but also make the site more efficient.

The Top 10 E-Commerce Apps

(In no particular order)

    • StichLabs – This app is all about convenience for you as a seller. It helps manage and track orders and inventory across multiple selling platforms from web to trade shows to keep your numbers accurate.
  • Ordoro – This is a shipping app designed for the small to medium business to help streamline the process and increase shipping times. Nobody likes to wait for their stuff, so make sure they don’t have to.
  • Zendesk – Need help with customer service? This cloud based system is ideal for tracking issues and speeding up the process to create happier customers.
  • MailChimp – When you want something easy to help with email marketing and more come to the MailChimp.
  • Olark – More great customer service here. This app is for live chat and support allowing you to talk directly to customers.
  • Lexity Retargeting – Gone but not forgotten. This software targets shoppers with professional ads to try and bring back people who don’t buy on their first visit.
  • Yotpo – Got a great product? Well then let your customers brag about it for you! Yotpo allows an easy to use review platform which allows customers to review and then share on social media for free advertising.
  • Lexity Live – Lexity makes some great stuff like this app that allows real time monitoring to see where customers go, what they put in the cart, and where they are when they leave.
  • ReferralCandy – Time to share the wealth by offering shareable coupons for referring friends.
  • SumAll – How are sales today? Heck, how are sales this exact minute? SumAll monitors revenue in real time so you know exactly what is working and not working for discounts and sales at any given time.

This is just a handful of great apps out there that can make your retail store more appealing and easy to monitor. Then, as you see what works and doesn’t in real time it is easier to make small adjustments to increase that conversion rate and profit line.

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