The Ten Things Your New York Web Design Company Should Do for You

The Ten Things Your New York Web Design Company Should Do for You

Is your website doing what it should? Maybe you are considering having a website designed and don’t have any idea what information to heave ready for a design company. The following is a list compiled by a top New York web design company that acts as a basic guide.

Your website should be more than a bunch of pictures and text that talks about who you are. What it needs to do is help your business grow, whether that is via sales, leads, or whatever your business objective is.

Ten Things Your Website Should Do:

  1. Clearly explain who and what you are. There should be no guesswork as to the services or products you provide.
  2. Have clear calls to action for contacting now, buying now, signing now, watching a demo now.
  3. Showcase your passion for your business such as in the About Section. Passion about a subject leads to a connection.
  4. Include testimonials, reviews or customer quotes. If you have given people what they need, let them brag about you.
  5. Clearly define your products, prices, services, warranties, shipping, and refund policies. There should be no confusion as to what you provide, how you provide, and all other important details.
  6. Collect e-mail address and/or other contact information from sign-up forms for a mailing list.
  7. Have primary contact information available on each page. People should not have to work hard to find you.
  8. Provide a level of trust. A good way to do that is include logos and awards from Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, etc. to show how legitimate you are.
  9. Have social media links for Facebook and other outlets so people can “like” you and help promote your site.
  10. Have a special offer for web visitors that makes them feel special and pushes them towards a conversion.

If your site isn’t doing this yet then you definitely should sit down with a top New York web design company and talk about making some changes. Your website is a tool in the business world that needs to be well-cared for to properly help your business grow.