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The Consumer Journey: Using E-Learning to Create Brand Loyalty

The world of Internet commerce is complex, often unwieldy, littered with stumbling blocks and pitfalls while also seeded with opportunities for success. It is often difficult for most people to discern the treasure from the trash. Driven by the need to educate themselves, today’s savvy consumer searches the digital world for the means to make smarter decisions.

Meanwhile, recent studies turn up an interesting statistic: compared to the tactics of traditional online advertising, consumers who reach a sales message via taking an online e-learning program are 29 times more likely to make a purchase. Clearly, consumers want to buy – they simply want to make the best informed purchasing choices they can. E-learning offers the tools they need.

Modern e-learning techniques offer important lessons for marketers eager to build better, more compelling marketing programs online. As you consider a program of your own, we at Lounge Lizard Worldwide recommend the following.

Appeal to their need for self-realization. Psychologists have long established that, once basic survival needs have been met, the basic drive of human motive is centered upon the realization of self: becoming smarter, more able and better connected with the world around them. To build a successful marketing campaign based on e-learning techniques, your offering must do more than provide value for cost. It must also offer the promise of making your customer a more able human being.

Online courses, carefully written and targeted, deliver an ideal mechanism for achieving that effect. Encouraging your customers to educate themselves further on the value of your product – and the positive impact it makes in that consumer’s life – also encourages them to become more loyal and invested in the success of your business.

Distinguish, deepen and drive. Being naturally short-lived media, conventional marketing messages tend to emphasize impact via brevity. Taglines capture the eye and attempt to stick in memory. Commercials are created to become water cooler conversation. Fast, direct and emotionally focused: these are the qualities that shape most marketing deliveries created today.

A marketing program based on e-learning allows your business to go deeper and embed ideas more profoundly. Carefully crafted educational opportunities build consumers who can better distinguish your offerings from those of your competitors. Use their willingness to learn and drive their impulses to a more informed brand loyalty.

Use productive feedback to your advantage. Are you hitting the mark with your marketing? Do you have any of truly knowing? By soliciting feedback from your consumers within the context of an e-learning program, you can uncover crucial intelligence and discover new ways to better refine your offerings – as well as your e-learning program itself.

Surveys are excellent tools for soliciting feedback, but are only the beginning. Creatively and subtly incorporating interest and opinion feedback mechanisms into your e-learning program itself can not only give you the facts you need, but also help crystallize the issues already on your consumer’s mind. Once again, self-realization: as your customer better understands how your product or service benefits them, they become more likely to offer you their loyalty in return for it.

Leverage mobile technology to create easy, convenient learning. Flurries of new mobile innovations today are revolutionizing not only e-learning, but everything about how we learn and communicate online. The new generation of smartphones and tablets thoroughly decentralize the digital experience, offering liberation from the desktop and freedom to learn on the go.

If your e-learning program is confined to a desktop web browser, you are missing the chance to capture the best kind of loyalty there is: the seamless integration of message into everyday experience. Leverage the best technologies available and capitalize on the powerful tools of mobile convenience.

Be Cloud-aware. As the web of global digital connections continues to spread beyond the desktop and into every home, car and coffee shop, the next major wave in Internet development is already forming – the genesis of Cloud-based computing. As fixed location gives way to the delivery of data via large scale online services, your customers are gradually coming to expect better and better integration between your digital offerings and those of others.

As any educator – and marketer – knows, learning is a journey and not a destination. Any successful marketing program today must offer a shorter, more attractive path to the destination of the consumer’s choosing. As Cloud-based computing grows into ubiquity, e-learning techniques will increasingly play a vital role in granting your customers passage to where they want to go.

Are you prepared to help your consumers sift through the bewildering world of digital traffic, become better able to discern the value you offer, and in turn become more loyal customers? Incorporate e-learning strategy into your services, and profit from your customers’ newly won educations.

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