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The Best Ways Small Businesses Can Get Links

Link building can be especially tough for the smaller and more localized business which is why we are happy to provide the best ways small businesses can Get Links as a way to help those small and medium-sized companies grow.

Why link building?

To start with, good, inbound links from good sources makes your business more of an authority. That is important because of how you will appear in not only rankings but all the perception you are given from people that follow a good link. “Well if the Wall Street Journal is linking to them, they must be a big deal!”

Now we must be clear, there are links and then there are good links. While some people might try and say that any link is a good link, there is a layer of quality that people in the industry look at that separates links. You want links that drive direct referral traffic and build your reputation. For example, the Wall Street Journal on a blurb talking about your business in a positive way it perfect to fulfill both needs.

So how can you get these great links?

Top 5 Small Business Link Methods

  • Host Community Events – This is a classic way to build positive feedback for your business that now can also aid in link building. First off, you are giving back to your community which is always good. An added bonus is this type of activity promotes positive feelings about you and your brand. Finally, when you are hosting an event you have active links up, typically on multiple credible sites, which are providing information about the event leading back to your site for more information. There are lots of events that can be hosted from holiday toy drives to free services for seniors. You can even invite the local press groups to cover it for the possibility of additional news outlet links.
  • Win “Best Of” Contests – There are a lot of local contests from radio stations, television stations, newspapers and even the local chamber of commerce that follow a “Best Of” format. The key here is to enter events you feel that you will either win or be listed as an entry for because often they provide links to winners and notable contestants. The great thing about this type of recognition is that it is hyper-local and provides good links, sometimes on an annual basis.
  • Take Advantage of – is a wonderful site on many levels, including being a great way to get in front of potential customers. The idea behind is getting people with similar interests and ideas together for everything from social activities to business networking. A great way to utilize this site from a business perspective is to sponsor meet-up groups (by paying the annual fee) which not only provides you a link on the Meet-up group page but also gives you a chance to get to know your target audience on a first-hand basis. For example, if you provide web design you could look into sponsoring a club that is for business owners networking.
  • Sponsor a Local Club – Similar to the idea above, you can become a sponsor at one of the many active social clubs in most urban areas such as Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions Club or even more student oriented clubs like 4-H or Future Farmers of America. There are also smaller, localized clubs that need sponsors as well like the Boys and Girls Club. These clubs almost always link back to sponsors and allow you to help provide local support to charities and nonprofit organizations in your area. An added bonus is the networking that typically occurs with your sponsorship membership.
  • Do Something Newsworthy – This can be a tough one, but it is very worthwhile. Remember that Wall Street Journal example? Now there are two reasons the news outlets will be interested in you, either from something helpful or from something controversial. For trade news publications you can get mentioned for the opening of new facilities, advancements and key hires as well.  In the case of non-trade publication, what can you do to get in the news? One idea is to find a local issue that people are passionate about and then do something that benefits one side or the other. From there it is a small matter to contact the local press about a story lead, because they need fresh content daily. After a story is picked up it can be shared socially and with media groups for additional exposure. For example you could organize a fundraiser for fighting breast cancer in October with a 5k race.

Getting positive exposure as a small or mid-sized business can be tough, especially when it comes to online links. With our list of the best ways small businesses can get links you will not only increase visibility on the web, but also positively help your brand’s image on a local level in a very positive way.

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