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The Best APPs of 2013

With 2013 almost completely in the books it is time to take a look back and see what the last 360-odd-days have brought us in the world of applications. App development continued to expand as more and more people turn to mobile devices to accomplish tasks and provide entertainment. With that, here is our list of the best APPs of 2013 for Android and iOS.

Best Apps of 2013

  • Android Device Manager – Finally something similar to the iOS Find My iPhone app for Android users! You can use this free app to log in from your Google Account and track down a tablet or phone, reset the screen-lock pin and erase data.
  • BBM – While Blackberry might not be cornering the phone market, they did do a decent job with this instant messaging application. When they launched for Android and iPhone the app found 20 million users in the first week. It is slick, fast, and has everything you want in a messenger.
  • Call Recorder – This is an Android app that the iOS needs as well. It is very simple and does exactly what it says, it records calls. From a business perspective you won’t forget what you talked about. For personal use it can be helpful in remember conversations so you never forget something your spouse asked you to do again.
  • Circa News – This free app for both iOS and Android is an innovative, news-at-a-glance app that is perfect for smartphones as well as tablets. The people that support Circa do a great job of using good headlines and the important pieces of news to give you what you need rather than just a bullet point. Plus, it doesn’t waste time with TMZ-styled “news” and focuses on insightful and useful news.
  • – This is a newer app for the Android users that is still in beta mode, which honestly can be a bit scary. The idea is that the app transforms your phone to find whatever you need even if that means pulling through other apps for the information you are looking for.
  • Flickr – This isn’t a “new” app, but with the recent upgrades it certainly belongs on this list. This is another free offering for both iOS and Android that is by far one of the best photo apps available. Along with excellent filters and the ability to draw or text on photos, Flickr provides users 1 TB of free storage.
  • Google Maps – A hit on both Android and the iOS, Google Maps has reigned supreme on getting you where you need to be and finding places.
  • Instagram – All hashtag jokes aside, Instagram is an excellent video app. Since it is free and available for the iOS and Android, it certainly belongs on this list. With the addition of the video recording and sharing feature they put themselves above the competition. They can also record longer snippets than Vine and it has the capability to share on more social networks.
  • Moves – This useful tracking device works for both iOS and Android and can track walking, running, and cycling without using a pedometer. For people who don’t wish to shell out extra money for another smart device, this app added to a phone makes a lot of sense.
  • Snapshot 2 Remote Desktop – This Android app is pretty sweet for people who want to use their tablet for a remote access device. It works with both Mac and PC and allows you to run desktop programs or view and edit files. While it does allow you to watch movies remotely, that function is not very useful unless both the tablet and PC are on fast networks. It comes with a free version which is nice to see the capabilities, but if you intend to use it regularly play for the Anywhere Access Pack which is $16.99 per year.
  • Triplt – Android and iOS both are a home to this excellent free travel application. For people who travel a lot, upgrading to the Triplt Pro membership for $49 per year will provided well worth the money. It pulls all your relevant reservation information as needed, provides updated airport gate changes and more. Since it is free you can take it for a test-ride on your next trip and see how much easier travel can be.
  • Yahoo Weather – For many people, the weather category is a must have app on a device. Planning your day or week for events or even getting dressed is important and up to date, accurate weather can help while slow or out-of-date forecasts do not. As an added bonus, Yahoo Weather uses cool Flickr photos for a great visual presence, especially on a tablet.

Smart phones and tablets are excellent tools to help pass the time, improve productivity and ideally help makes our lives easier. However the problem for many people is that they don’t take the time to add the applications to a device that will truly help them do all of these things. We didn’t include games on this list because people already download those like there is no tomorrow. This list instead is the best apps of 2013 that you should look at to truly make your mobile device reach its’ potential in what it can do for you.

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