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The 5 Best Marketing Tips for 2013

The New Year is like a breath of fresh air. People make resolutions and goals for what this special, new time will bring. While the only thing really changing is the date of the calendar, for a business the New Year should symbolize an annual time to focus on doing better.

A business actually has a purpose on starting fresh each year. Businesses use each year as a measuring device to rate how well things have worked. That means looking at the bottom line for profit, determining how well previous marketing campaigns fared, and deciding on the proper path for the future. It also means defining new goals and expectations.

So with that in mind it makes perfect sense to sit down and review what worked, what didn’t work, and what might work for the upcoming year. Whether that means increasing your search ranking, upping referrals, or simply adding more sales, now is the time to consider strategies for 2013.

The 5 Best Marketing Tips for the New Year

  • Website Redesign – There are a few great reasons to redesign your online space. To start, with the sales of tablets and smart phones continually going upward you need a site optimized for all traffic. If your customers are accessing your site on a small screen, they won’t stick around long if they can’t easily navigate. Next, why not wow existing clients with a new design to your site and better options and applications that make things easier and faster? Last but not least, current content and a great look can help keep potential customers into new customers.
  • Increased SEO – If people can’t find you quickly and easily then how are they supposed to use you? Honestly if you are showing up in the first page or two of search engine results then there is a problem. Explore marketing strategies to help increase your rankings to make sure that customers find you first, not last no matter what engine or platform is being used.
  • Get Social – There are so many ways people interact these days and you need to use as many as possible. Some people think it can be exhausting to keep track of all of these options, but options equal opportunity. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and so many other places are fertile lands waiting to be used for marketing and advertising. Plus, when something new hits the scene, and it will, make sure to get on board and take advantage.
  • Focus on your Brand – You brand is who you are. If you don’t have a brand yet, then develop one. If you have one already then cultivate it and control it. Part of good marketing is controlling and accentuating your reputation. That means providing good customer service and connecting with people (especially on social networks) to ensure positive reviews and feedback from customers or clients. You want to be the 5-star business, not the 2-star one.
  • Stay Current – Along with an annual facelift to your message, make sure you schedule monthly sessions to update and review. Far too many people set a plan in motion and then forget about it. The internet has changed the way people access information and also how they expect to receive information. If you aren’t staying current and up to date then people will gravitate towards someone who is.

The Truth about Marketing

While it is important to have a plan, good marketing also hinges on flexibility and adaptability. While people like to project how they think things will go, nobody is ever one hundred percent certain on what will happen. But you can use that concept when you make your marketing plan.

One way is to take advice from experienced professionals who have a better understanding of trends because they have lived and worked through them. Another idea is to always leave some wiggle room in your budget and timeframe to allow adjustments. Last, but not least, is to not feel the need to stick to rigid or finite rules when the world is becoming a much more fluid place.

As marketing can be considered as a battle of perception and not products, as Jack Trout once wrote, it should be important to every company that they can change the perception of themselves and their products when it is needed.



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