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The 3 Essential Aspects Of A Winning Mobile App Strategy – Part III

This is the third portion of the 3 essential aspects of a winning mobile app strategy series that we wanted to share because it is darn difficult to not only create a great app but get it noticed. As an experienced mobile app developer clients often want to know how we approach this problem so we are sharing our strategy that has proven successful starting with getting people aware of the product before looking at getting downloaded and now today’s important finale.

Now this strategy alone does not guarantee success. First and foremost the mobile app itself must be one that is well designed and provides value to the target users. A well designed app with a good or great user interface is certainly a key to long term use and retention. Assuming that your app meets that criteria then the next key ingredient of this mix is crafting the proper strategy.

Today we will end with part three of the three essential aspects:

Part II: App Usage and Retention

After getting people aware of your app and encouraging downloads, that leaves app usage and retention as the final piece of the puzzle. These are both important factors to an app’s longevity because if people don’t feel the need to regularly use your app it will soon get deleted.

  • Use good onboarding – Right out of the gate you need to impress and inform with an engaging first impression. Good onboarding quickly showcases the value of your app and key features before getting out of the users way so they can enjoy it.
  • New user incentives – You can run a variety of promotions from 30 days to 3 months or more with various incentives for people. It can really be any sort of incentive such as points for logging in each day to milestone discounts. Be creative!
  • Be semi-aggressive – Passive apps hardly ever last because they simply aren’t working hard enough to engage users. Push notifications and in-app content can go a long way to establishing a regular connection with users. The key is to be just aggressive enough without going overboard.
  • Target audiences – Mass generic content and messages have low appeal. Instead target specific groups for a more focused strategy of connection no matter what the communication is.
  • Get personal – In-app personalization is huge with the millennial crowd so make sure you are on board with that concept. People want to be treated differently and feel special. Personalized outreach is one of the best ways to accomplish that.
  • Provide timely info – This can vary depending on the type of app but the general idea is to use the app as a vehicle of promotion for any type of event. For example, Zynga Poker let’s people know ahead of time about the next poker league launch. Target’s app reminds people days before coupon items you saved will expire. Other apps remind you about upcoming sale events. Timely and relevant makes your app useful and necessary.
  • Update content – No matter what type of app you have from a game to a news feed, you need to keep it updated and exciting. If there is not enough new material existing users will get bored and drift away. Look at the giant apps in the industry like Candy Crush that sprouts levels and sub games on a monthly basis or Instagram with regular innovations.

The bottom line is that creating a great app is only part of the equation with another key aspect being use of the right strategy for a strong launch and maintaining use. Today we outlined the last of 3 essential aspects of a winning mobile app strategy that can help your next launch take your app to the next level!

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