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The 3 Essential Aspects Of A Winning Mobile App Strategy – Part II

For this blog we are continuing with part two of our three part series to help forge a winning mobile app strategy. As an experienced mobile app design company clients often want to know how we approach the strategy aspect of mobile apps so today we will continue the discussion on the 3 essential aspects of a winning mobile app strategy talking about getting downloaded.

Now this strategy alone does not guarantee success. First and foremost the mobile app itself must be one that is well designed and provides value to the target users. Assuming that is the case and you have an app poised to become a success then the next part of the equation is crafting the proper strategy.

This installment is part two of the three essential aspects:

Part II: Getting Downloaded

Just because people are more aware that you have an app out there does not instantly translate into those precious downloads we all covet. In fact, convincing people to download an app has gotten harder because of the sheer mass of apps out there; now people can be a bit pickier and compare.

  • Showcase your value – This is the most important aspect of getting downloaded in our opinion; demonstrating value to the user. What is it that your app is doing? Is this for entertainment? Does it help simplify a process? Perhaps it will solve a problem the target user base has had? No matter what the reason is, that value needs to be clearly showcased to the target user if you expect a download. In many cases, apps that have received a high number of downloads or positive reviews are semi-exempt from this issue because the value has been somewhat demonstrated based on other users’. However for all new apps there is that initial hurdle to overcome where you need a great value proposition that will entice someone to make the leap.
  • Be selective in the app store – Everyone is allotted the same amount of space in the app store to showcase their product. It is critical that you are showing off your product in the best way possible for the prospective users. Sometimes designers are tasked with this step and inevitably they end up showing off what they think is the best features or aspects but those aren’t always what will engage perspective users and showcase the value the app provides. Select screens that are informative and showcase value. Be selective with your icon as well.
  • CPI Campaign – CPI, or cost-per-install, is a paid marketing campaign you use to help increase downloads. This tactic is used for a very specific reason – to increase your numbers within the app store. Typically search traffic on the app stores only goes as far as the top 50 apps in regards to downloads when searching for general categories. Your goal here is to make the top 50 to increase your visibility. In essence you pay a short term cost for a long term gain.


  • First-time rewards – A promotional campaign geared around first-time registrants or downloads is a great way to kick off a launch. This can be as simple as the first 1000 registrants get a free white page covering an important industry topic. One app went so far as to throw a party.
  • App incentives – Another popular way to drive downloads is by offering freebies or incentives to new users when they make their first purchase or perform the first action of some type via the app. Game apps use this a lot where they reward that first $2.99 of tokens with double experience for the day, etc. This could also be something like a 20% off coupon for the next purchase or free shipping on the first purchase made via the app. The key here is to have something they can’t get anywhere else which will cause them to download the app to obtain it.
  • Cross promote with events – Try to find unique ways to match your app with events. For example, one sport tracking app did a cross promotion with a large bike race to help athletes and viewers track race progress. This can be tricky depending on the app type, but with some creativity you might find an event that you can work with.
  • Add the app into your loyalty program – If you have any sort of customer loyalty plan, add extra incentives for actions taking place via the app. This has been a method many retailers have used to help increase app usage and interaction. It can even be something simple like a bonus 100 points to the program for downloading and registering the app.

The bottom line is that creating a great app is only part of the equation. Another very critical part is having the right strategy in place for a strong launch and maintaining use. Today we outlined the second of 3 essential aspects of a winning mobile app strategy that can help your next launch take your app to the next level. Check back on Wednesday for the third installment which is all about app usage and retention.

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