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The 3 Essential Aspects Of A Winning Mobile App Strategy – Part I

Finding a winning mobile app strategy is not easy. If it was then there would be a lot more success stories out there compared to the graveyard of tossed aside apps that litter the floor of Google Play and the Apple Store. As an experienced mobile application development company clients often want to know how we approach this problem and we will share our answer today with the 3 essential aspects of a winning mobile app strategy.

Now this strategy alone does not guarantee success. First and foremost the mobile app itself must be one that is well designed and provides value to the target users. Assuming that is the case and you have an app poised to become a success then the next part of the equation is crafting the proper strategy.

Today we will start with part one of the three essential aspects:

Part I: Awareness

People need to be aware of your app if you expect them to download it. While placing an app in an app store does provide a degree of visibility, honestly it is only a small one due to the sheer number of apps in every single category these days.

So how can you increase awareness? We recommend using multiple methods such as:

  • App store optimization – This is a fairly basic step, yet one many people forget. Your app should be labeled with the right search keywords that are reflected in a well written description. You must have a great title. You also need to be aware of current and future competition in regards to your keywords as sometimes unscrupulous people copy keywords of apps that are trending upward in popularity.
  • Local advertising – This can vary based on the type of business you have but for those with a physical presence using actual signs to promote your app to your customer base is an excellent idea. For the launch of a local credit union’s app a small placard was placed at every teller station and on the side of the ATM’s. If you have business partners, friends, family, etc that have locations where potential customers might be you can look to increase awareness with ads in those locations as well.
  • Local beacons – If you have a local store or location you can utilize beacons to let users know that your app is available to them once they reach the proximity of the beacon.
  • Print advertising – Low tech and old school; the print medium can still be very powerful as people do still read newspapers and magazines. Print ads in smaller free or weekly-print newspapers can help capture attention as well. In some cases for the same ad price of a large publication, you can use multiple smaller publications that canvas the same area.
  • Product reviews – Many sites provide reviews of apps. If you are confident in your product you can submit your app to a few sites so that they can review it providing a form of ‘expert rating’ to your product that goes beyond just customer reviews as it lends a voice of authority.
  • Social media marketing – In theory you can market your app on any channel customers or potential customers frequent. Social media offers numerous platforms, hopefully some of which you already frequent, that offer a place to bring awareness to your app. You want to get people talking about your app before the launch and social media is a great place to start conversations.
  • Email marketing – Email is still a very powerful tool. If your business regularly uses email as a contact point the app can be included as a news item or regularly as your showcase the value proposition. You can even use something simple like, “Have you tried our new app?” with an icon and link to the app store.
  • Design awards – Well designed apps should be submitted for design awards as there are numerous groups around the county and the world that rate the design of things like apps and websites on a monthly and annual schedule. Even those apps who do not win still gain exposure and create awareness in the community.
  • Your webpage – You should promote the launch of your own app, ideally on your home page even if it takes a small space and links to a dedicated app page to explain the features and value people will get out of the app. If you have a mobile site, include a pop-up ad or banner to mention the app.

If there are other concepts that work for your business, such as self promotion at trade shows or other events your company frequents, consider using those in addition because you absolutely must have awareness for your app. Anywhere you are in front of your customers is a possible promotion point.

The bottom line is that creating a great app is only part of the equation. Another very critical part is having the right strategy in place for a strong launch and maintaining use. Today we outlined the first of 3 essential aspects of a winning mobile app strategy that can help your next launch take your app to the next level and next week we will discuss getting downloaded along with app usage and retention.

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