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The 10 Best Shopify Website Designs of 2018

As 2018 draws to a close we are taking the time to review the most amazing and unique websites created with Shopify. The top web design companies, like ourselves, work hard to create high-quality branded websites for clients however using a commerce platform such as Shopify can be useful for certain business needs. That is why we wanted to share the 10 Best Shopify Website Designs of 2018 that we find inspiring not only for how the design was approached but also for how it benefits the users of the site.

10 Best Shopify Website Designs of 2018

1. Scratch Coffee

Scratch Coffee Market

This is a very well-designed website with great images and a strong call-to-action front and center, demanding attention. It is a relatively simple layout that is responsive which caters to both mobile and desktop users. The featured video is interesting and much more engaging compared to using text to convey information, while at the same time not being overly long. This site checks off all the boxes for functionality and simplicity while also being engaging.


2. Lucky Tackle Box

Best Shopify Website Designs

These guys have a great site geared towards their customers but still packing plenty of marketing elements. The pop-up for a chance to win a subscription on landing is a great way to build a mailing list. The countdown timer at the top of the page nudges consumers towards a quicker conversion. A promo code is clearly displayed to get a free lure added to your box encourages a purchase. Then when someone else makes a purchase a notice appears to valid products via social proof. The great thing is that all of these elements fit well with the no-nonsense style the site uses for a blue-collar customer; simple and effective. That is why they make the list of the best Shopify website designs list.


3. Helm Boots

Helm Boots

Simple and focused is the best way to describe this website. When your product line is small, this is the perfect style to use to highlight what your brand has to offer. They use a small discount banner at the top of each page which contrasts nicely for visibility as a CTA. The product pages are very detailed to showcase their handcrafted boots and includes reviews for instant social proof.


4. Flatspot


Their site loads and immediately a box pops up to let you know they do ship to the U.S., offer great international shipping rates, and that you can shop in your own currency. For any store that sells internationally, this attention to detail is important as it lets customers know right off the bat that they can handle your business. The design and navigation are simple which is perfect for mobile and desktop users. They utilize a hovering feature over products that shows available sizes which is brilliant.


5. BlackMilk Clothing

BlackMilk Clothing

The people at BlackMilk did an excellent job of capturing the tone of their target customers with a site built around images and colors that produces a fun, adventurous vibe. They opted to focus on the models and images with full-size product displays which work for this target demographic. The tone and vibe are why this site is on the best Shopify website designs list.


6. Studio Neat

Studio Neat

A consumer tech company should have a well put-together website and Studio Neat did just that. The CTA is front and center on the webpage which is often a smart idea with an online store. But our favorite aspect of this site is the drop-down menu for products because the thumbnail images are fantastic. That clarity helps customers find what they want easily, and it is repeated throughout the site. The background colors are a good choice for providing a nice contrast to the white backgrounds on the images.


7. Caveman Foods

Best Shopify Website Designs

The Paleo diet has gotten rather popular and Caveman Foods created a highly functional site that mimics the simplicity of the program. The site is pretty basic with the layout, navigation, and white space which is a reasonable branding choice. Where they shine is on the individual product information pages. They use a ‘Quick View’ icon that appears when you hover, and a click pops up a quick information sheet that provides everything a consumer could want to help make a purchasing decision quickly and easily.


8. Pura Vida Bracelets

Pura Vida Bracelets

How do you organize a website for a business that carries a lot of assorted products? Pura Vida Bracelets has done a wonderful job by using multi-level filter options. The filter options are well placed and allow you to quickly work down to the right category, metal, charm, and color to easily find the style you are looking for. They also use a banner at the top of the page to promote sale information. Additionally, the site uses white space to accentuate the products. Finally, the floating “Help” button in the lower right corner is a smart way to assist those who need it.


9. The Candi Factory

The Candi Factory

Simple, basic, and effective describes the Candi Factory website. It is a minimalistic design that uses color and zany images to help engage customers along with plenty of white space. The single-page landing spot and subsequent pages all load very quickly. For a small business, this style of site gets the job done efficiently.


10. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Cosmetics

Surprisingly Kylie Cosmetics, the store for Kylie Jenner’s line of products, uses Shopify for their online store. The site uses simple scrolling navigation, good spacing, and clear images to display products to their fullest. The simplicity is why it is on the best Shopify website designs list.

The Bottom Line

What should be taken away from reviewing the 10 Best Shopify Website Designs of 2018 is an inspiration. There are quite a few options available to businesses for web design along with different concepts and ideas which can be applied to create a serviceable website that effectively meets your business needs. We used a criterion that combines design, creativity, usability, and content when we created this list because those are the most highly valued aspects of complete web design.


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